A Christmas For Collectors | Deck The Halls With These Designer Decorations
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A Christmas For Collectors | Deck The Halls With These Designer Decorations

December 12, 2021 Share

Antique Christmas ornaments are among the loveliest Christmas decorations you can find for your tree – some of these decorations are so valuable, that they can make you a small fortune if found.

  • Antique Glass and Ceramic Christmas Trees
  • Glass Bead Garlands
  • Dresden Paper Animal Ornaments
  • Beaded Christmas Ornaments
  • Cotton Batting Christmas Ornaments
  • Figural Glass Christmas Ornaments

Many of us are more excited than usual for Christmas this year. 

With Christmas 2020 seeing many having to stay at home and avoid seeing family due to coronavirus restrictions, we’re hoping that Christmas 2021 will be an extraordinary celebration, with this year hopefully marking a time when things can return to some kind of normality. 

With just over two weeks to go until Christmas, elevating your Christmas décor game with some of the best decorations should be high on your schedule. 

Pavilion Broadway


Studies show that putting up Christmas decorations early is guaranteed to make you happier. The idea is that decorations remind us of childhood excitement. 

Holiday decorations help up relive the magic and give us that well-needed release from our feel-good hormone – dopamine. 

There is a chill in the air, the leaves a different shade, and you still have time to plan for reliable decorations for years to come.

The end of the year is a time when spending reaches an all-time high. So why not invest in Christmas decorations that are prone to last for a more extended period?

High-quality Christmas decorations to invest in this year are leaning towards the new sustainable trends, which are currently on the rise. 

Cotton Batting Christmas Charm
Figural Glass Ornament

According to online sites like Etsy, “searches for mushrooms, the decor is up 366 per cent, while searches for dried floral wreaths have skyrocketed by 68 per cent.” 

However, if you are someone who is looking to make an early Christmas investment, then look no further than getting your hands on some antique Christmas ornaments.

According to Lovetoknow, “if you’ve ever picked up a modern ornament and held it next to an antique one, you know that modern ornaments tend to feel different.” 

Ceramic Pre-Lit Hand-Painted Christmas Tree
Glass Bead Garlands

Free-blown ornaments are also extremely valuable. Additionally, if the ornament features a less common figure or design, it can be a hot item with collectors.

According to Today, “vintage ceramic Christmas trees also shoot up in value around the holidays, they are said to be worth hundreds of dollars.”

Dresden Paper Ornaments
Beaded Christmas Ornaments

So, if you’re hanging onto vintage holiday ornaments, they might be worth more than just sentimental value.

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