Legend Has It Elvis Presley’s One-Of-A-Kind Gold Ebel Watch Is Up For Sale 
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Legend Has It Elvis Presley’s One-Of-A-Kind Gold Ebel Watch Is Up For Sale 

June 16, 2022 Share

Elvis Presley, the dubbed “King of Rock & Roll”, gifted a wristwatch to his lifelong friend. Years went by, and it sold for a hefty price tag. Now the golden gem is up for sale once more – sporting no less than 26 round white diamonds.

Throughout Elvis Presley’s career, which spanned over 30 years, it was estimated that he sold over a billion records and starred in 31 featured films and musicals. 

The A-list celebrity loved nice cars, expensive jewellery, and one-of-a-kind, rich wrist watches. His collection spanned Hamilton, various Omegas, Rolex and so on. While many were worn for films, and few fell into the King’s collection in the late 1950s, it’s safe to say that The King had some pretty good taste in luxury.

elvis presley
A photo of Elvis Presley on tour. Photo by ALFRED WERTHEIMER.

While his feet may have been laced with Blue Suede Shoes, we will never forget that his wrists were also always fitted with prime cuts of gold. Recently his famous Ebel wristwatch was put back on the market at M.S. Rau for $500 000.

The details surrounding this time keep are both sentimental and uniquely valuable. This is because the solid gold and diamond-accented Ebel watch is engraved with the message “From Elvis to J.D. Sumner, 1974.”

elvis presley
A close-up of the striking gold watch (left) and the engraving (right) on its band.
M.S. Rau.

According to Rau, Elvis Presley wore the watch but later gave it to Sumner along with a matching custom-made gold ring. This piece became newsworthy because original Ebel watches are currently sought after, primarily works from the 1970s. Many authentic timepieces are still selling for hundreds and thousands of dollars, so it’s no surprise that a signature Elvis watch hit the high-dollar mark.

The company, Ebel, bought out by Movado Group Inc for 61.5 million, crafted this watch using 14-karat gold. The bracelet is covered in raw gold in its finish, and a gold safety chain is attached to one side of the eye. 

elvis presley
Elvis Presley’s Gold Watch |Photo from M.S. Rau.

It was made with a Swiss mechanical movement inside its luxury walls. Whoever gets their paws on this gem will be swinging their pelvis in celebration with a legendary wristwatch such as this. 

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