How to Dodge the International Hangover Day According to the Upper Classes
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How to Dodge the International Hangover Day According to the Upper Classes

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A little “bottoms up” not only cultivates great culture, but it can also be a terrific way to connect with family and friends.

The trouble is that on occasion we go too far, and that extra glass (or two!) doesn’t seem like such a good idea the next day. That’s especially the case if the next day is the first day of the New Year. How are you meant to celebrate the end of 2021 on a hangover?

Well, according to the upper classes, these are your options…

The Famous “Sweat It Out”

We are sure you’ve all been given this advice at some point. After a night out, legend has it that breaking a heavy sweat helps you detox the alcohol out of your system and successfully removes your hangover. Well, you’ve got a few options with this one.

Work Out


All of the feel-good brain chemicals that make drinking so enjoyable are depleted after only a few drinks, leaving you feeling downright depressed. Exercise is an effective remedy since it not only makes you sweat but also produces endorphins. However, if you’re able to exercise on a hangover, perhaps you aren’t that hungover in the first place!

Get in the Sauna


Getting in a sauna is a simultaneously easy and relaxing way to sweat out the alcohol from New Year’s Eve. So, whether you have your own or have to pop to the closest spa, the sauna might be the answer to your hangover woes.

Use an Infrared Blanket

Infrared Sauna Blanket

This is one for those of you whose hangover is so bad that getting out of bed isn’t really an option.

Infrared Sauna Blankets bring the sauna to the bedroom. All you have to do is switch it on.

They’ll help you sweat out the alcohol in the same way as a traditional sauna, just in the laziest way possible.

But when you’re nursing the hangover from hell, we don’t blame you for wanting to take the option with minimal eenergy expenditure.


Now, there is the option to chug a few glasses of water and perhaps even supplement one of these with a rehydration treatment to aid recovery, but these days theres an even better option: an intravenous hangover treatment.

IV Hangover Treatment

IV Hangover Treatment

An IV is what you get in the hospital when you’re severely dehydrated, so it seems reasonable that it’s the most legitimate way to get rid of a hangover quickly. IVs administer vitamins and minerals straight into the bloodstream to combat dehydration.  

CBD – A Miracle Cure?

Catherine Falls Commercial

CBD oil possesses anxiety-relieving, anti-depressant, anti-nausea, and anti-inflammatory properties. It could literally be the answer to everyone’s prayers, as it seems to have the potential to tackle several hangover symptoms. So, pop a drop or two in your morning coffee and your New Year’s Day might just be saved.

Eat Up!


Whether you’ve got Cook whipping you something up at home or you’re well enough to take a trip out for some food, here’s exactly what you should order: an omelette with spinach and cheese and a glass of OJ. If you’d like to follow that up with a banana at some point too, you and your hangover will definitely benefit from it. All of these foods contain vitamins and electrolytes that will help your body and your liver post-drinking.

Headache? Say Hello to Accupressure

You’ll be pleased to know, you no longer need to visit a professional for these alternative types of treatments anymore – you can do it all from home with an acupressure Shakti Mat.

Orange Shakti Mat

The toxic effects of drinking can cause your body to take a hammering. Therefore, focusing on acupressure points might indeed help. This is another simple alternative, as all you are required to do is to simply lie down on the mat, lying on any of the parts of your body that you feel require assistance this January 1st. Granted, the sensation of the spikes may take some getting used to, but if it cures your headache, it’s worth it right?

Did Someone Say “Hair of the Dog”?

Bloody Mary

For those brave souls who can cope with the idea of more alcohol, this option could honestly help, especially if you opt for the hangover classic – a Bloody Mary.

The non-alcoholic elements of a Bloody Mary provide electrolytes, water, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6, all of which can aid with the hangover after the previous night’s indiscretions. However, don’t use this as an excuse to treat your hangover with the Bloody Mary’s less exciting cousin, plain tomato juice. Where is the fun in that?

Sleep, sleep, sleep!

Whack on a sleep mask and do not move until you absolutely have to.

For those of you who are planning on taking it way too far this New Year’s Eve, sleep might be your only option. After all, any movement might induce nausea. If that’s the case, whack on a sleep mask and do not move until you absolutely have to.


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