Cult Wines | Why Investing In Wine Could Be The Smartest Thing Yet
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Cult Wines | Why Investing In Wine Could Be The Smartest Thing Yet

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Wine is the most sort after luxury product in the world for those who enjoy the taste and class associated with them– and there is no indication that this will change anytime soon. 

With many wines, ageing is one of the ways that continue to taste better and better. This means that people will continue to buy wines that age well. This has led to the most interesting forms of alternative investing.

The Drinks Business

The number of the super-rich will be expected to grow by 30 per cent in the next five years. This means that even more individuals can afford to drink the most exclusive wines in the future.

Everything indicates that there will be better wine set up in the future. This is what the wine company, Cult Wines is all about.

Cult Wines aim to combine unparalleled wine knowledge with a world-class investment team and data-driven technology to make fine wine investment simple, fair and secure.

Founded in 2007, CEO and co-founder Tom Gearing has transformed his global wine investment empire Cult Wines with the vision to transform fine wine into a credible asset class. 

Today, with $275 million (£208 million) currently under management, Cult Wines is the world’s leading fine wine investment firm.  

The award-winning global company has leveraged over ten years of consistent performance and returns for clients in 80 countries.  

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According to Cult Wines, they are currently documenting its strongest quarter this year. Their index is tracking +10 per cent year to date, seeing a 60 per cent uplift in US investors.

The business offers its clients a balanced, personalised wine portfolio from as little as $13,000 (£10,000) investment.

From here the team will recommend a portfolio best suited to the client’s needs and then once agreed will allocate the wine into the client’s name in their bonded warehouse. 

The wine is stored in a state-of-the-art London City Bond warehouse near London – which is one of the biggest wine hubs in the world. 

The LCB head office in barking. The Drinks Business

This will then all be monitored at the client’s leisure by a secure portal login.

Investing in wine has forever been kept a world-class secret and reserved for a few. More and more private individuals and professionals have opened their eyes as to why it is an investment.

Wine is an attractive asset whether you are looking for security or returns. Since 2004 wine has made a stable return and has even beaten the stock market. 

For example, expect an annual return of up to eight per cent – this all points to the fact that wine will continue to be a great investment.

The team prides itself on providing a first-class hospitality experience for everyone who comes to visit and their online reviews consistently reflect this. 

Cult Wines explains everything you need to know about how to invest in their wines below:

For more information visit their website here.

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Author: Michelle Laver