Car Checks To Do Before a Road Trip
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Car Checks To Do Before a Road Trip

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Prepare for summer road trips with a pre-departure car check: tyres, fluids, safety kit, and electricals to ensure a smooth journey.

The excitement of the days and weeks leading up to a big holiday can be as exquisite as the trip itself. However, if you’re planning to hit the roads for an adventure away from home by car – and a huge number of Brits do, especially during the summer – then it’s important to stay focused on making sure everything is prepared beforehand so that you can best enjoy yourself when you set off.

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Making sure that your car is completely safe and up to the task is a crucial precaution – and one that only gets more important the longer a journey you’re planning to take. Here are a few things you should review before you leave home.


All tyres will gradually deflate with use. Even top brands will experience this so, no matter if it’s only been a couple of weeks since you last checked the pressure on them, it’s worth the effort to make sure they’re in top condition before embarking on a long journey. Maintaining a good tyre pressure will save you some money in fuel consumption, anyway.

While you’re at it, check to make sure that none of your tyres have fallen below the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm and swap them out for longwearing Goodyear tyres if they have.


It’s surprisingly common for British drivers not to know how to do basic maintenance on their vehicles but, even if you end up going to a garage for a professional to do it, it’s important to make sure fluids are topped up. Having comfortable levels of engine fluid, coolant and even windscreen wash is vital for ensuring that your car can keep running smoothly over long distances – and you’d always rather get it sorted beforehand than have to find a way to top up while you’re halfway there.

Safety kit

Should the unexpected happen on the road and you be forced to stop far away from a convenient place, being prepared is vital. Your car should always have some emergency supplies inside and before a big trip is a good time to check that you’ve got what you need.

Think the basic tools you might need for emergency repairs to the vehicle itself, like a spare tyre, a pump and jump cables, but also safety supplies like a torch, a blanket for when you’re stuck out in the cold, spare clothes plus some food and water to keep you going.


It’s also worthwhile to do a quick check of all your key electrical systems before starting a long journey. Enlist someone to stand outside the car and check that your various lights are working at full strength when you switch them on. If it’s a summer trip you’re planning, a test of your car’s air conditioning is also called for.

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