Best Co-Working Spaces in Paris (With Day Rates!)
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Best Co-Working Spaces in Paris (With Day Rates!)

August 16, 2023 Share

Doing the leg-work so you don’t have to research all the co-working places in Paris for your digital nomadism.

So you’re in Paris and the ever-so-familiar Outlook ping disturbs your croissant eating with the inevitable; it’s Monday, and you’ve got work to do. Whilst sipping a Côte-du-Rhone at the Eiffel Tower or strolling around the Louvre for hours on end might be significantly more appealing, all this tourism has to be paid for somehow, and its not like you can just whip out your laptop at your regular Starbucks. This is Paris, and Starbucks in the city of love are full to the brim with tourists. There are, of course, a lot of other cafés you could try. But realistically, if you want to get your work done in record time, you’re better off finding a co-working space in Paris instead.

Here’s some of the best ones that offer day rates.

La Permanence – Best for Night-owls

(Several locations!) 2-4 Rue du Fer à Moulin | 52 Rue Marcadet  | 48 bis Rue d’Alésia

Day Rate: 10€ for 5hours
Image courtesy of La Permanence

With an unusual pay-by-the-hour type of membership, La Permanence is a great late working spot for those having to tackle time differences. With rates starting at 10 euros for 5 hours, the inscription is all handled online, and makes it ideal for non-french speakers to book a spot, fuss free.

Le Tank – Best For Getting Work Done

32 Rue Alexandre Dumas

Day rate: 24€
Image courtesy of Le Tank

Le Tank is a great spot located in Bastille, with a range of different spaces to help you find your zen. With day rates starting at 24 euros, Le Tank’s rates include unlimited coffee and tea, spaces to relax in, and best of all… a rooftop.

Hubsy – Best for the caffeine addicts

9bis Rue Lucien Sampaix | 41 Rue Réaumur | 64 Rue d’Amsterdam

Day rates: 24€
Image courtesy of Hubsy

Part coffee shop, part co-working space, Hubsy offers very appealing rates for those of you in need of a caffeine fix. Boasting a few different locations, including Arts et Métiers and République, Hubsy is part of the growing trend of spaces in the capital that offer unlimited hot drinks and snacks for very reasonable prices. Pay 5EUR for the first hour, and 2,50EUR every hour after that, or alternatively 24EUR for a full day. If you’re thinking of heading often, we would also recommend checking out their loyalty discounts.

Wojo – Best for Global Travellers

Several locations

Day rates: 25€
Image courtesy of Wojo

Wojo offers eight versatile co-working spots in Paris, catering to freelancers, startups, and businesses alike. Their range includes standard desks, private offices, and on-demand “Wojo Spots” for remote workers. Pricing starts at 25€/day or 200€/month for coworking spaces, with a part-time option at 120€/month or 10€/day for 12 days.

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