St Barthelemy’s Bucket Regatta Is Back For 2022
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St Barthelemy’s Bucket Regatta Is Back For 2022

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There isn’t much better than yachting, fresh seafood and white sandy beaches — the St Barth’s Bucket Regatta is back on in 2022 after a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19.

The Bucket Regatta, which began in 1955, will be held March 17-20 and will feature several yacht races as well as numerous social events. The event is expected to host more than 40 sailing super-yachts this year.

Held on the Caribbean paradise of Saint Barthelemy, this invitation-only race promises to be an exceptional show.

The bucket regatta will see some of the world's foremost sailing yachts compete.
The Bucket Regatta will race some of the world’s foremost sailing yachts. Credit: Charl van Rooy

The Bucket Regatta is what has been called a “gentlemanly competition” — there is no prize, bar the coveted Bucket Cup, and no advertisements and sponsorships are involved.

The race is a pursuit race with smaller and slower boats receiving a head start, the boats must only rely on sail power unless there is an immediate danger — like hitting another yacht.

Two sailing ships. The Bucket Regatta holds numerous races over the weekend.
The Bucket Regatta will see numerous races throughout the weekend. Credit: Alfonso Escu

Some of the most expensive and largest sailing yachts in the world participate in the Bucket Regatta and only yachts measuring more than 100-feet are invited to join — although there is talk of a special 90-foot category for 2022.

The first race is Thursday with multiple races each day spanning the entire weekend.

One of the draws of St Barth’s is the social calendar that accompanies the races. The sailing village in Gustavia, the capital of St Barth’s, comes alive over the weekend with live music and parties hosted in and around the harbour.

St Barth's from above.
St Barth’s is a Caribbean paradise. Credit: Starus

Although some of the events are invitation-only, many are held in the Bucket Marquee on the Quay. Here you can mingle with some of the best sailors on the planet and gaze upon some of the finest racing ships ever built.  

If you are in St Barth’s for the weekend, some local clubs and restaurants are sure to be packed with the world’s yachting elite. Shellona, located at Shell Beach just outside of Gustavia, is an island favourite famed for its fresh lobster and ceviche.

Lobster tails. St Barth's is known for its seafood.
St Barth’s is known for its fresh seafood and French Cuisine. Credit: Andre Davis

In the harbour, check out La Guerite Saint Barthelemy — a new world rendition of the famed restaurant of the same name in near Cannes, France. It serves a mix of Mediterranean and French dishes sourcing fresh local ingredients. The bar here has a resident DJ and stays open until 2:00 am, although opening times may vary due to Covid.

St Barth’s is a small island, and hotel space is booked up quickly. It is recommended that visitors stay in one of the island’s numerous private villas.

A private villa, shown here, is one of the best ways to experience the Bucket Regatta.
Rent a private villa for the best way to stay at St Barth’s Bucket Regatta. Credit: Christophe Maussin

As an Overseas Department of France, St Barthelemy has the same Covid restrictions as the mainland. All visitors are required to show proof of vaccination received at least 14-days before their arrival as well as a negative Covid test.

The events of the weekend will be largely held outdoors, meaning fewer Covid restrictions. There may be, however, restrictions at some restaurants and bars. The Regatta has made Covid safety their top priority.

Despite some lingering Covid woes, St Barth’s Bucket Regatta promises to be a high-end luxury weekend in this Caribbean paradise once again.

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