AWA is a Gift For Those Obsessed With Sparkling Water
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AWA is a Gift For Those Obsessed With Sparkling Water

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AWA is about beautiful products, convenience and staying hydrated with an at-home carbonator.

If you know somebody that drinks sparkling water, then you know just how much of an addiction it can be. Endless bottles of overpriced carbonated H20, a downright refusal to drink anything that isn’t sparkly and that need to add a little bit of spice to even the most mundane of things. It is practically a personality trait at this point. But in true anti-establishment spirit, paying into these large sparkling water corporations producing single-use plastic bottles when you get brands like AWA popping about is practically criminal. Especially if they are as badass as AWA’s founders, Thomas and Cival, who, in their own words understand that: “not everybody gives a f*ck about bottles hanging out on the beach. So let’s talk about beautiful products, convenience and staying hydrated.”

Receiving first production units of the Carbonator in Portugal image courtesy of AWA

90% of practically any soda is made up from the thing that comes out of your tap; water. AWA preaches that with things like coffee or tea being made at home with the ease of a kettle, we should start considering making our homemade soda’s with the use of AWA and their carbonators. That cuts transport emissions, additives that make sodas more unhealthy and reduces plastic waste.

Currently the brand is working on developing a set of flavours. According to them, there’s nothing quite like freshly squeezed lemons (aka, the real deal), so AWA creators are taking their sweet time to really study and perfect whatever they come up with. For the time being, however, they sell these elegant carbonators, machines in which the AWA bottle fits like a glove and comes out with fizzy H20.

Lifestyle product photography. Image courtesy of AWA.

Perhaps the coolest thing though is that AWA has not sacrificed aesthetics for functionality. Their carbonators, which one would easily imagine as these chunky, odd appliances sitting on top of your countertop, are in fact products of Scandinavian beauty. Minimalist, discrete and unequivocally elegant, AWA also provides a bottle to match.

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