Arrivederci Office, Ciao Bella Vita: Italy Launches a Digital Nomad Visa
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Arrivederci Office, Ciao Bella Vita: Italy Launches a Digital Nomad Visa

April 24, 2024 Share

Dream of working remotely in Italy? Italy’s new digital nomad visa lets you live la dolce vita for a year.

When Portugal launched its digital nomad visa in 2022, the remote workers flocked to southern Europe like hungry pigeons. Thanks to this and a mixture of good weather and cheap amenities, the country’s tourism soared. And now Italy is doing much of the same.

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Digital nomadism is one of the few positive Covid legacies, and tourism boards around the world caught onto the economic potential this offered. Providing a sustainable and paced economic growth, ‘digital nomad tourism’ helps to distribute tourist spending throughout the year, mitigating the effects of seasonal fluctuations in traditional tourism and promoting sustainable economic growth. Moreover, these visas serve as a non-intrusive way to increase tourism revenues without overburdening local job markets, as nomads bring their own sources of income.

But it isn’t all sunshine soaked zoom calls.

In Portugal, for instance, the influx of Digital workers has created an ocean of problems for local residents, who are now struggling with soaring rental prices. In turn, locals are being forced out of their cities in pursuit of more affordable accommodation, which populates Portugal’s city centres with Airbnbs and other rental properties. With locals forced out and city centres populated by temporary residents, a myriad of social phenomenons arise.

The Specifics of The Visa

Officially open for application since April the 4th, Italy’s digital nomad visa is a one year ticket to living la dolce vita (which can be extended). The requirements are rather standard, and considering Portugal’s success in implementing a similar strategy, it comes as no surprise that Italy wants to join the conversation.

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Here’s what you need:

  • Demonstrable remote work experience, with a minimum of six months.
  • Confirmation of ongoing employment with a non-Italian company, or proof of self-employment.
  • A minimum yearly income of at least €28,000 (around $30,000).
  • A clean criminal background check from the past five years.
  • Comprehensive health insurance valid throughout your stay in Italy.
  • Verified accommodation arrangements for the duration of your stay in Italy.

The process, however, seems slightly more complicated. You’ll need to start by gathering all necessary documents including proof of employment, income, and a clean criminal record. The application is submitted through an Italian consulate in your home country. You must schedule an in-person appointment to submit your application, which includes a visa fee, typically around $125.

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