A World of Knowledge: The Countries Offering Educational Excellence
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A World of Knowledge: The Countries Offering Educational Excellence

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Education, excellence and travelling abroad to give your little ones the best opportunities.

Just a few years ago, moving abroad solely in the pursuit of educational excellence for your young proteges would seem like a pretty extreme move. However, with a growing sense of global interconnectedness and the ease at which we can now work remotely, there are more and more opportunities becoming available. We’ve already explored WFHotels in our post on Don’t Die Wondering, but moving overseas so that our children have access to superior academic opportunities is also becoming a far more viable and accessible option.

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The decision to live and work abroad is a bold move, whichever stage of life you’re at, but if you have a family, the stakes are even higher. So which countries offer top-notch schools and a world-class, prestigious education? Read on to find out.


Schools in Sweden are renowned for their high-quality curricula. In addition to academic focus, there is a huge emphasis on fostering critical thinking and the ability to become independent learners from a young age, so you can rest assured your children will be receiving a comprehensive and well-rounded education. 

When it comes to life outside the classroom, as Express VPN’s blog piece reveals, Sweden is an absolute beacon of quality family life for expats. This is largely down to the huge emphasis on work-life balance and the support available for working families through affordable after-school programs and childcare provision.

Sweden also has some fantastic integration programs for expat children, including language courses and support services.


The UAE is full of top-tier educational establishments that offer educational excellence. There are a number of international schools that mainly follow the British school system, but some also offer curricula from the US. The huge draw of these schools is often the state-of-the-art facilities and the access to highly advanced technology that pupils are afforded.

The fees of international schools are often expensive but if you’ve been asked to relocate from your place of work, companies will sometimes provide an education allowance as part of expat relocation packages.

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If you have older children, Australia has several world-renowned colleges that offer educational excellence, but do be aware you may have to pay higher fees as an expat. The 2023 QS World University Rankings by Subject ranked Australia’s higher education system the third-best in the world. These rankings are based on several metrics, including academic and employer reputation, employment outcomes, and international research networks.

As there are no language barriers, expat children will be able to attend public schools. However, if you’re looking for them to be privately educated, there are plenty of private schools renowned for academic excellence.

The concept of the best education system will vary greatly from family to family and will depend a great deal on the lifestyles different people lead, many of which we cover on our Lifestyle category page. Overall, much of it comes down to what is best for you and, more importantly, your children. Education is not a one-size-fits-all concept; some will shine in a highly charged center of academic excellence, whilst for others, it’s a creative and gently nurturing environment that will help them to flourish.

Readers of what we post on our Travel category page will be familiar with the many big things to consider when it comes to making a move abroad. Remember that whichever school you choose, traveling to a different country and being immersed in another culture is an education in itself and will undoubtedly be a highly enriching experience wherever your children spend their academic years.

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