A Very British Mother’s Day Gift Guide
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A Very British Mother’s Day Gift Guide

February 23, 2024 Share

From chic ballet flats by Camilla Elphick to unique jewelry from Tomfoolery, discover exclusively British, stylish Mother’s Day gifts that celebrate elegance and personal flair.

We’re only a few weeks (or days, depending on when you’re reading this), from Sunday the 10th of March – Mother’s Day. Providing yet another excuse to shower some of the most important women in your life with gifts of appreciation (this is a consumerist society we live in after all), here are some of DDW’s favourite finds. Oh, and this year for Mother’s Day, we’re keeping it exclusively British.

You Can Buy Her Flowers

Image courtesy of La Grand Beaute

Whilst we are all about Miley Cyrus’ female empowerment anthem and agree that yes, you can buy yourself flowers, you can also buy them for your mother. Elegant, traditional but often overlooked, flowers are the ultimate tokens of love. At DDW we have been obsessing over boxed roses, particularly those from La Grande Beaute – an online luxury flower store that makes last minute gift giving remarkably simple. Looking for a little oomph in your gift? Opt for unusually coloured roses.

Elevate Your Mother’s Wardrobe With Some Bold Pieces

Image courtesy of Lisa

Part of the beauty of gift giving involves gifting things people wouldn’t usually buy for themselves. Cue in bold statement clothing, the kind one might not often splurge in but constantly daydreams of buying. For instance, Lisou‘s red suede blazer, dotted with golden detailing, is charming statement piece crafted and designed in the heart of London.

Opt for a Classic: Candles

Founded in the Victorian era, Charles Farris is a British candle designer with an exceptionally interesting range of scents. Ideal for those after a smaller, more convenient gift to carry, Charles Farris candles come in a range of regal-sounding names such as VI Garden of Eden, or VIII Elisabeth.

Gift Her Jewellery

Image courtesy of Tomfoolery

Diamonds may not be a girl’s best friend… but jewellery might. With many British designers to chose form, we have settled with Tomfoolery, thanks to their array of contemporary pieces. Distinct in style, these are great for the modern mother looking to retain the elegance but doing so in a way that feels fresh and exciting.

If all else fails… shoes

Image courtesy of Camilla Elphick

This year’s fashion trends call for a ballet-shoe comeback, which has already populated the streets in a myriad of forms. When it comes to more timely designs, Camilla Elphick offers a variety which is perfectly suitable for a very British Mother’s Day gift. With very subtle detailing, the shoes offer significant character and poise, making them perfect for the more classic timeless fashionistas out there.

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