3 Excellent VOD Films To Watch This Weekend  — and one to get excited about
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3 Excellent VOD Films To Watch This Weekend — and one to get excited about

May 15, 2020 Share

Something for everyone to enjoy

With cinemas and film festivals shut, moviegoers have all had to turn to their TVs and laptops for entertainment. Studios looking to take advantage of this have begun to ramp up their releases to solely video-on-demand (i.e. online rental) with would-be blockbuster films taking centre stage. 

In advance of the summer release schedule, three films stand out as must-watchs to catch on AppleTV, Amazon and other networks where you can pay for a temporary digital rental. Pop some popcorn, kick your feet up and stream these tonight:


After a decade in prison, notorious gangster Al Capone is released back in the world only to  confront his demons and his on-setting dementia. Tom Hardy plays the hardened killer beautifully.

Release date: May 12 

The King of Staten Island

A semi-autobiographical dark comedy about SNL breakout star Pete Davidson and his childhood  growing up in Staten Island. This film by Judd Apatow brings with it a heavy dose of charm, heart and wit,

Release date: April 20 

Fantasy Island

A poignant thriller about a group of lucky contest winners that get to spend their holiday on ‘Fantasy Island’, a seemingly utopian paradise where fantasies come to life – until they turn into violent nightmares. Starring Michael Pena, this film will make you question how much you actually want to leave lockdown to go on that tropical vacation.

Release date: Feb 14 

Hamilton: The Movie

Start getting excited: Disney has decided to ditch a movie theatre release all together and instead premiere the much-anticipated Hamilton movie via it’s Disney+ streaming platform. With Lin-Manuel Miranda taking centre stage and an equally all-star cast alongside him, this promises to be the musical blockbuster of the year.

Release date: July 3

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