Why Investing In LEGO May Be More Lucrative Than Gold
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Why Investing In LEGO May Be More Lucrative Than Gold

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An iconic toy brand Lego, that we may all secretly love, no matter how old we are, is going, going and almost gone! 

Created in Denmark in 1949 a manufacturer began making toys when he decided to switch to plastic in 1947 – Ole Kirk Christiansen imposed his incredibly high standards on the whole company even creating the slogan Only The Best Is The Best. Today it turns out that even though we may be saying goodbye to LEGO production in the near future, it doesn’t mean to say that buying the miniature brightly coloured building blocks won’t make you rich.


In fact, according to a study done in Russia, “HSE University, it was found that the market for secondhand LEGO will rise in value by 11 per cent annually, which is a faster and better rate of return than gold, stocks, bonds, stamps and wine.”

Then known as automatic building blocks, LEGO was introduced to the world and became a huge hit. The brand even replaced Ferrari as being the topmost powerful brand in 2015.

Time and time again, the childhood toy has been so popular that the structural elements of the design have not changed since 1958. There are so many LEGO bricks that have been built today that every person on earth could hold at least 86 pieces.

So if LEGO sets are so expensive when they’re on the shelves, then surely no one will pay MORE than the retail value when the set has retired, right?

The catch is that not all LEGO sets will be worth it. 

“We’ve sold these sets for prices ranging from $3,400 to $5,700,” Gerben van IJken, a full-time LEGO investor says.

So, if you are thinking of buying someone a Christmas gift, why not invest in LEGO before the classic blocks begin to expire for good?

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