5 Luxurious Hotels in the World Worth Visiting This Summer
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5 Luxurious Hotels in the World Worth Visiting This Summer

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It’s time to relax, breathe, and enjoy the summer in your favorite beach hotels…

Beach vacations never go out of style, but the past couple of years saw an impressive number of openings in different parts of the world. Below are 5 of the must-visit beach hotels we recommend.

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Voyage Sorgun – Turkey

Savor the vacation of your dreams with one of the best hotels out there, Voyage Sorgun! Take in the breathtaking views of the resort’s surrounding lush green trees and azure sea. Savor a mouthwatering selection of Turkish and international cuisines at Degusto, the elegant main restaurant, for the ideal getaway experience. Voyage Sorgun, which welcomes guests from all over the world, is a melting pot of culinary delights that puts a taste of many cultures at their fingers.

And there’s never a dull moment! At the exclusive beach disco, guests may dance beneath the stars while enjoying spectacular summer events with world-class performers and vibrant pool activities. In addition, the resort has a thrilling aquapark, indoor playground, and mini club, catering to families and guaranteeing limitless fun for youngsters of all ages.

For those who want to unwind, there’s the peaceful Sense SPA facility, where licensed therapists provide restorative services among the calming aroma of pine forests. Voyage Sorgun promises to fulfill guests’ vacation fantasies with its tasteful cuisine, a plethora of entertainment alternatives, and a lovely blend of designs inspired by nature.

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Cap Karoso – Sumba, Indonesia

Nihi Sumba was the big name for years in the land of expensive accommodations on Sumba Island. But now Cap Karoso is a new player on the scene. This restaurant, run by the stylish French couple Fabrice and Evguenia Ivara, is unique. It combines the historic style of the island with a contemporary feel. Cap Karoso is all about clean lines and a relaxed vibe, unlike other locations here. It’s quite popular with people who enjoy areas like Tulum and Santa Teresa because it has a lot of rooms and villas. However, despite its contemporary appearance, Cap Karoso retains the island’s traditional charm. It’s as if you’ve entered a different universe, filled with exquisite artwork and symbols everywhere.

As the sun sets, it’s time for delectable dinners prepared by renowned chefs such as Oliver McGeorge from Frenchie in Paris, along with some cocktails.

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Fasano Trancoso – Brazil

Imagine this: It’s a match made in heaven for Brazil’s leading luxury hotel brand, Fasano, to collaborate with Trancoso, the ideal beach paradise! Located on a spotless sandy shore, Fasano offers a sophisticated urban atmosphere combined with carefree beach living. Imagine forty luxurious homes, each a contemporary haven, nestled among lush vegetation and swaying palm palms. These rooms, which were created by renowned Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld, combine luxury and rustic beauty with locally made hardwood furniture and subdued colors. Not to mention the outdoor hammocks and decks with their stunning views of the turquoise sea. Why would you ever want to leave with an Olympic-sized pool, a calm spa, and two restaurants serving up Bahian specialties and Italian favorites?

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Four Seasons Hotels – Bora Bora

Imagine enjoying the ultimate South Pacific retreat while relaxing in an overwater home above a pristine lagoon. Bora Bora is the ultimate destination for this fantastical adventure. On a remote island close to Bora Bora, the renowned global chain of hotels, Four Seasons threw open the red carpet in 2008 with 100 comfortable thatched-roof bungalows and 7 opulent villas. Imagine yourself enjoying your coffee in the morning on your balcony while taking in the stunning views of the untamed peaks. Not to be overlooked is the Floating Love Seat, your very own haven where you may relax on the soft waves just outside your door.

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The Gritti Palace – Venice

The ultimate grand dame of Venice is a living exposition of the elaborate history of the city. After a $38 million revamp, one of the most remarkable hotels, The Gritti reopened in 2013 with silk walls, painted stucco, and Murano chandeliers, fusing contemporary elegance with historic grandeur. Feeling like a member of the top club is possible even in a simple Deluxe Room, draped in Rubelli textiles. Beautiful views may be seen from the Gritti Terrace, and it’s a local triumph when executive chef Alberto Fol joins in late 2023. Channel your inner Peggy Guggenheim and drink on Cristiano Luciani’s irresistible wild fennel martinis at the cozy Bar Longhi.

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