Set Sail With The Ultimate Bahamas Yacht Charter Itinerary
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Set Sail With The Ultimate Bahamas Yacht Charter Itinerary

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There are few locations offering quite such stunning ocean views as the Bahamas, so why wouldn’t you see them in style?

If you’re looking to tour the Bahamas this summer, chartering a yacht is undoubtedly the way to go. There’s nothing quite like relaxing on deck as your captain directs you to the next beautiful location on the itinerary – especially when your itinerary looks like this one, put together by luxury yacht charter experts Fraser Yachts. 

Here’s a guide to how your 7 days at sea might look as you embark on a luxury tour of this vacation favourite of the rich and famous.

Day One: Begin At Nassau Paradise Island

Make your way to the beautiful Nassau Paradise Island, where your week-long trip will begin with a journey to the Exuma Islands. The Exuma islands’ natural harbours hide a variety of beaches, each so tranquil and secluded that they’ll feel like your own little secret. The vast coastline in this area offers so much to see, including the rare Bahamian Dragon – be sure to keep your eye out for this endangered species during your sojourn.  

Day Two: Caves And Beaches Of Bell Island

Settle into some fine dining and delicious cocktails as you sit down for a meal at the famous Harbour Club Restaurant, Fowl Cay. Fowl Cay itself offers many of its own beauties, just a stone’s throw from the natural caves of Rocky Dondas. For those who are feeling a little adventurous, this area makes for the perfect snorkelling location – meanwhile, those who simply wish to relax and take in the views may be lucky enough to have the beaches at nearby Bell Island all to themselves.

Day Three: Staniel Cay & Thunderball Grotto

Staniel Cay is the cruising headquarters for the Exuma Cays. The island is well known for the friendliness of its people, its beautiful clear waters and its secluded beaches. Staniel Cay is also a great location for bone, reef and deep-sea fishing, but it is perhaps best known as the location for the James Bond movies Thunderball and Never Say Never Again. It’s these glamorous affiliations that have given Thunderball Grotto its now famous nickname – take in the beauty of the area for yourself, and it soon becomes clear why Bond was so keen on this area. 

Day Four: Great Guana Cay

In the morning. head for Great Guana Cay, a 9 mile long islet where you will find a five and a half mile long beach, the longest in the Bahamas. In the afternoon, why not head to the Farmer’s Cay Yacht Club and Marina, with its beautiful surroundings, intimate atmosphere and its warm and friendly people? Welcoming and approachable residents are a feature amongst these islands that one very quickly gets used to…

Day Five: Wardrick Wells

Wardrick Wells is the destination for the fifth day of your Bahamas superyacht vacation in the Caribbean – and it’s likely to provide memories that will last you a lifetime. Established as a Land and Sea Park in the mid-1980s, Wardrick Wells is a paradise to behold. It offers miles of hiking trails for walkers and its crystal clear waters are perfect for snorkelling.

Day 6: Wildlife Spotting At Shroud Cay

Head for Shroud Cay, an uninhabited island comprising an archipelago of small cays and rocks surrounding a shallow mangrove salina. Owned by Exuma Park, Shroud Cay provides a unique nursery for a huge variety of wildlife, including sea turtles, conch and crawfish. Most of the waterways and creeks at Shroud Cay are only accessible by dinghy or waverunner, giving you an opportunity to truly explore. 

Day 7: Atlantis: The ‘Vegas Of The Sea’

It’s quite the exciting nickname for quite the exciting area! On the final day of your luxury yacht charter, head to Paradise Island and explore Atlantis, the Bahamas’ very own answer to Sin City. While this may not be the place for architectural purists, visitors can’t fail to be impressed by its scale and grandeur. The entertainment here is second to none. Atlantis has a large Casino, great restaurants and clubs, amazing aquariums and arguably some of the most spectacular waterslides in the world! Get amongst it and explore. 

Following this, it’s just about time to head home. Where next for your superyacht sojourn?

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