These 5 Music Videos Are Bringing Retro Vibes Back
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These 5 Music Videos Are Bringing Retro Vibes Back

December 22, 2020 Share

Need a break? We hear you, us too. When was the last time you just kicked back, put a record on and truly let the music take you away? Perhaps it will drift you out to another life, another dimension or even evoke some distant memories of times gone and cherished. 

If that sounds a bit like we’ve been spending too much time digging through the Glastonbury/Woodstock archives it is because we have – us and seemingly every other important creator out there. 

The trend is hard to ignore, everyone from Gucci through to Saint Laurent is bringing back the creativity of the past, harkening back to simpler times when revolution and art were at the forefront and media was less invasively part of our lives. Perhaps it’s been inspired by a difficult year, or perhaps it is just a trend, but regardless; we’re loving it. 

Now, kick back, amp up the speaker, power up the projector and listen/watch these beautiful new tracks from some of our favourite artists. They are sure to transport you to another dimension, man ✌️

Harry Styles – Golden

Named GQ’s ‘Most Stylish Man of 2020’ the Brit pop export brings classic 1960’s rocker swagger with an LA twist to his latest October 2020 output, Golden. Images of sun-soaked summers and sun-kissed skin are unavoidable with this new Styles anthem. 

Hugh Harris – Earth Like You

The Kooks guitarist’s new critically acclaimed self-titled solo project brings with it all the vibes of an optimistic new world, set to catchy riffs and a melodies paired against an ethereal retro backdrop. Tune in and let yourself be taken away to new dream like realms…

Tyler, The Creator  – EARFQUAKE

3, 2,1 … Tyler the Creator hits the ground running with his trademark style and an earwig of a song. Originally intended for Justin Bieber and Rhianna, Earfquake is nothing short of enthralling, both as a song and as tongue-in-cheek 70’s mini film. Sure to be a repeat play on your YouTube and Spotify.

Alessandro Ristori & The Portofinos – Estate

The spirit of the summer of ’69 is alive and kicking through Alessandro Ristori and his band The Portofinos. Ristori leads a lavishly Gucci-clad ensemble, which despite being more reminiscent of a kitsch Italian wedding band than a pop group, has captured the hearts and minds of the fashion set around the world. His newest track Estate (‘summer’) is a hit filled with much needed 2020 happy energy. 

Troye Sivan, Kacey Musgraves – Easy ft. Mark Ronson

Sivan and Musgraves come back to 2020 with a synth-filled ballad to make you forget your troubles. Combining their raspy sweet vocals with the expert production of Mark Ronson, Easy is a the perfect song to reflect on a year filled with ups and downs. Although the song is a triumph in itself, the video deserves its own applause with its nostalgic Americana paired with youthful Bonnie and Clyde meet the Mid-West vibes. 

And one more…

Migos – Walk It Talk It ft. Drake

Rap group Migos brought out this now classic video in 2018 but we couldn’t help but include it as it has been partially credited for starting the 1970’s retro visual trend. The song is characteristically different to those above as it is fully contemporary in style but its video (guest featuring Jamie Foxx) is a nod to 1970’s black culture and the influential 1971 show, Soul Train, which served to launch many black artists to stardom. 

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