4 Reasons Why Japan Should Be Handcuffed To Your Bucket List
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4 Reasons Why Japan Should Be Handcuffed To Your Bucket List

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While there are many reasons why Japan is one of the most exotic and most visited countries in the world, the ‘Land of The Rising Sun” does have its perks in other more extraordinary experiences too. 

If you spin the globe to the east, you will stumble on an island like no other – Japan. Of course, all countries are beautiful in their way, but some of them just hit differently. Besides the land holding one of the unique cultures in the world, and a well-oiled economy, it is also a destination where luxury comes to life.

While world-class restaurants rub shoulders with ancient castles and imperial palaces and its cities bustle with life and energy, experiences will never slip your mind. So pack your bags and dive into a world where towering skyscrapers brightly clad in neon lights shine brighter than Trump’s dentures.

Here are four reasons why you should try a piece of Japan:

Rest Your Crown In A Pod Hotel

Courtesy of Nacasa & Partners.

Hear me out, if you are not a fan of tanning beds, watching horror movies like The Platform or suffer from being claustrophobic, then I would suggest you slowly scroll away, but capsule hotels are a significant thing there.

The futuristic design of the pods plays out as if you were inside a spaceship floating among the stars. Some only allow you to stay for precisely nine hours, while others resemble the interior of a first-class plane. Some come with modernised bars, restaurants and spas.

On the other hand, there is always the five-star Aman Tokyo Hotel, where stone slabs blanketed in moss serve as the foundations for the resort’s architecture.  

Roam Amongst Some Spotted Holy Deer


Up in Nara Park at the foot of Mount Wakakusa, you will find one of the oldest parks that span 600 hectares in the city. What makes this patch of grass unique is that it comes with a multitude of roaming deer. These sacred Japanese Nara Deer visit the temple in search of food, where they have a surprising way of interacting with people.

As with all things in Japan, courtesy and respect go a long way. These deer will bow at your presence–if holding a treat, that is. Forget road kill; these creatures are believed to be messengers of the Gods. No one is allowed to harm them. 

They are allowed to go anywhere they please, so don’t be surprised when you see one crossing the street safely. 

Discover The Meaning of Forest Bathing In Japan

The photo is copyrighted to Zen Sekizawa from the Telegraph.

Tranquillity, peace and calm. The idea of forest bathing is far from getting down and dirty in a woodland river. It’s all about discovering the secrets to being mindful. Leisurely visits to a forest are prevalent in Japan for health benefits. 

Originally named the Shinrin-Yoku, scientists claim it helps lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost immunity and mood and improve overall feelings of wellbeing. 

A guide/therapist will take you on a private tour around devoted parts of the country to experience numerous forms of mindful practices. Still, most people pop over to the Japan Alps, the Kii Peninsula to the sacred forests of the Yoshino-Kumano National Park. 

Eat Your Way Through A Kaiseki

Courtesy of Kitcho Arashiyama Honten.

One of the reasons has to be something to do with food, and the only way to truly experience fine Japanese cuisine is by simply tasting it all. Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. Located in Kyoto, the one Michelin-star restaurant is a three-hour-long eating experience that can only be reached by foot. 

But visitors come as much for the celebrated food as they do for the sense of peace that this spiritual, otherworldly setting offers. At Kitcho Arashiyama Honten, all five senses will be indulged as you sit on a floor mat for a ten-course menu. In addition to awakening your taste buds, painted ladies will dance around you – some even fanning you awake after your food coma.

Courtesy of Kitcho Arashiyama Honten.

From sleeping in pods, finding your Zen, to being worshipped by animals, what more could you ask for? Japan truly is a place of luxury, a destination fit for a King. 

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