Why You Should Visit The Velaa Private Island This Summer
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Why You Should Visit The Velaa Private Island This Summer

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For one night, you could be renting out an entire Velaa private island for a mere $1 million. Commonly known as ‘turtle’ island, this piece of paradise engulfed in the Maldives is ready for anyone longing for a good time.

The Maldives – where the waters are stand-out blue, the sands are pristine white, and palm trees sway gently to the summer breeze. Moreover, if you count each island individually, you’ve got 2,000 reasons to visit. Some are such specks that they’re inhabited by a single hotel – meaning the ultimate peace – and colourful house reefs ring lots.

Velaa private island
Evening view of the main house in Velaa, Maldives. Photo from Pinterest.

Most hotel resorts occupy an entire island and create a unique holiday experience almost exclusively in one alternative. Since 2009 there has been an option for tourists to visit and stay on islands inhabited by natives. For the most part, the Maldives isis a once-in-a-lifetime destination because the resorts’ expensive nature makes these islands no trip for a small budget. 

One island with a star rating out of this world is the Velaa private island in Noonu Atoll, in the Maldives. It is owned by Czech Financier Jiri Smejc, one of the most prominent entrepreneurs and managers in Central Europe.

So when it comes to choosing a summer destination, imagine staying in the Velaa Private Residences, “which offer elegant contemporary design and 1,350 square meters of private interior and exterior space, including two terraces, a pool, and a courtyard?”

Velaa private island
Photo courtesy of Velaa Private Island Maldives.

This unique destination was developed to embody this unique archipelago’s best, bathed by azure skies in the Indian Ocean’s aquamarine waters.

The Island has been designed and curated with privacy and comfort as the guiding principles while allowing the Indian Ocean to take centre stage. Velaa Private Island is elegantly positioned to overlook enchanting vistas of a cerulean ocean.

Velaa private island
An aerial view of the island. Pinterest.

The resort also includes a Romantic Pool Residence, which can only be reached by boat, allowing even more exclusivity. All details have been considered – each villa comes with a personal butler. All services offered can be tailored to unique specifications. Classic Travel describe the location as “having immense attention to detail everywhere is impeccable: stone pavements from the desert in Jordan, Indonesian flowerpots, luxury wood panelling from Borneo, and glimmering Italian marble”.

Velaa shares its name and home with the generations of sea turtles who inhabited the island for countless years. Simultaneously, Velaa’s exclusive over-water villas resemble a turtle’s head, with the island forming the body from a broader aerial view.

For $1 million a night, it doesn’t sound so bad.

Velaa private island
An aerial view of the island. Pinterest.
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