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30 Days Till Summer – Is It Time To Plan?

As countries begin to open back up, we may have a window to start booking our summer holidays

The start of summer is officially one month away and countries are slowly easing their strict lockdowns to allow a limited number of tourists. With that in mind, the governments of France, Croatia, Greece and Spain have made statements that signal their intent to open for the summer holiday season.

Although the exact nature of what will happen is still uncertain, it seems we can (cautiously) begin to start thinking about enjoying a summer in the sun once again. 

Hotel operators have taken note. Top names like the Four Seasons group are taking advice from the world’s best medical advisors on how to sterilise rooms and common areas as well as how to best preserve social distancing within their properties without affecting service. Nevertheless, the concern remains that the intrinsically social nature of hotels still poses a risk to guests congregating in one building. 

In turn, vacation rental favorite AirBnB has enacted a strict 300 point checklist protocol across their properties to ensure safe accommodation. From our conversations with key medical staff, it would appear that this may very well be the safer option for tourists looking to travel; simply because one is less likely to mingle with strangers in a private property. 

Particularly safe are those that rent entire houses, islands, complexes or chateaus via AirBnB’s new AirBnB Luxe service as they benefit from larger spaces, daily cleaning and even less outside contact.  

To give you a small teaser, we have found one of the most stunning properties on the platform (a stunning castle in Provence owned by the Breitling watch family) to incite some wanderlust and inspire you to be ahead of the curve when it comes to planning a summer escape:

Chateau d'Estoublon
Chateau d’Estoublon
The Poolside
The Poolside
The entrance driveway
The entrance driveway
One of the many sitting rooms
One of the many sitting rooms

The Chateau boasts 10 bedrooms (sleeping 20) and 8 bathrooms so there will be plenty of room for your friends and family; find it and other luxury listings here.

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