The Best Pieces Of Luggage To Suit Your Sojourn
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The Best Pieces Of Luggage To Suit Your Sojourn

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For those high-end travellers whose luggage makes a difference, reaching for the best is a must. Although there are plenty of luggage models to choose from, not all of them fit the bill. Here are the ones that will.

Elegant, reliable, well-made and practical – besides style and sophistication, these are the fundamental qualities any class A traveller needs for trotting the globe. From luggage sets to weekend duffle bags, travel light and live large with these prime pieces:


From left: The Tumi 19 Degree and the Rimowa Topas.

The brand features a sleek space age-look and design with its well-known groove structure. These hard-back suitcases dominate the durable luggage industry, from aluminium to using a product called polycarbonate, a moulded plastic which is durable and adds strength. Rimowa has gear that will last. 

Bottega Veneta


Bottega Veneta is one of the most exciting brands in fashion but has set a new standard for luxury since its birth in Vicenza in 1966. Inspired by Italian culture with a global outlook, the House is defined by a distinctly refined attitude. Bottega Veneta uses noble materials to create considered pieces that become part of their owners’ lives. Their products embrace a core philosophy of style, innovation and luxury, applied to a complete offer for women, men and home.

Bottega Veneta is a great example of quiet luxury since their bags have only an interior label and no logos, so if you love that modest, understated look, then you will love their bags. Bottega Veneta’s bags are iconic and classic at the same time, so even though they are super trendy, if they fit your style, you will always be able to wear them, whether they continue to be famous or not. If a Bottega Veneta bag suits your class, you won’t regret buying it since you will wear it for many years. From $1,360 to $6,430 for a classic intrecciato weekend bag, expect the buttery-soft leather that weaves together to create a brand that oozes functional elegance. 

Mulberry Luggage


Mulberry’s origins are quintessentially British, where modern meets rebellion. Famous for its weekend bags, the largest manufacturer in the UK based all its divine interventions on authentic, age-honoured crafts with an innovative edge. Their inspiration is absorbed from London’s dynamism combined with styles in animals with English rural pursuits like hunting and shooting. 

From $650 for a Mini Antony bag to an $1800 Mulberry weekender bag, the grained, thick calf leather holders are guaranteed to be sturdy, durable, and structured for your travel needs.

Brunello Cucinelli

Next up is the luxury clothing fashion brand Brunello Cucinelli, a company owned by the King of cashmere, who rules with a gentle hand. The Italian gem specialises in high-end ready-to-wear fashion but branches off into multiple avenues like homeware and stationary. With a focus on craftsmanship, quality and creativity, these opulent-worthy accessories are made with cashmere wool straight off the back of pashmina goats. 

Each lock of the hand-reared creatures is worth millions because they produce one of the softest fibres in the world. Its thin hairs turn into incredibly soft, luxurious garments, and its long-lasting effect makes for the best investment. Nothing screams class than stylish gear by your side, from $3,190 for a full leather facing duffle bag to a $7,475 logo-embossed suitcase.

Valextra Luggage

Valextra founder Giovanni Fontana’s designs are the definition of refinement. The company, set in the heart of Milan, designs distinctive leather products for the most cosmopolitan A-listers. Distinguished by the letter ‘V’, the set is made from Kevlar fabric and features Pirelli wheels and exquisite details such as lacquered edges.

Innovative, minimal and streamlined to suit Italy’s architectural elements, the grip-coin purse for men, the 24-hour attache case or the first-ever hobo bag might set you back $7,950. Still, the brand’s calfskin suitcases are the stuff of legend. 

Louis Vuitton

Saving the best for last, the legendary Louis Vuitton is recognised for its staple modern luxury travel luggage. Naturally, this product is what boosted the brand to what it is today. By applying the same level of craftsmanship and sophistication, the $47.2 billion company has been perfecting since 1871; expect to see the personalised monogram canvas. 

With colourful and innovative designs and four multi-directional wheels, enjoy the silence of it all as you wheel off into the distance. From luggage sets to one of their top-tier Keepall Bandoulière range, you’ll be turning heads in no time. Prices start from $1,940 for a pocket pouch to $3800 for a standard four-wheeler design.

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