DDW’s Christmas Gift Guide for Men on The Go
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DDW’s Christmas Gift Guide for Men on The Go

November 14, 2022 Share

DDW brings your some of the best and most high quality things to gift your jet-setter friend this upcoming Christmas.

There’s a month (and a bit) left until Christmas. Black Friday is coming up, people are starting to think about gifts or perhaps you’ve even started a Secret Santa raffle at work. Either way, we’re sorry to say, gift giving season is looming around the corner.

Today we’re bringing you some of our favourite things to gift that man in your life that is always on the go, such as a subscription to basic house cleaning services if they are busy and don’t have the time to clean. You know, the one that’s always on a plane off to somewhere exotic, or who happens to be on the other side of the world and whom you only hear about through Instagram.

If somebody’s sprung to mind, keep on reading.

A Floyd Suitcase

Image courtesy of Floyd

Guess what? That Jetsetter main your life is going to need a suitcase. They might even make a better use of it than of anything else on this list, which is why investing on one such as the Floyd Trunk could very well be their favourite Christmas gift this year. Or ever.

A Troubadour Case for Electronics

Image courtesy of Troubadour

People that travel have their life together; or at least enough to not miss any flights, and bring the right chargers and adapters along on their trips. No harm in gifting them a helping hand along the way in the form of an electronics organiser.

Socks From The London Sock Company

Image courtesy of The London Sock Company

You know you’ve aged when the idea of being gifted a new pair of socks for Christmas excites you. But here’s the thing; contrary to popular belief people actually enjoy receiving socks as Christmas gifts. If they happen to be funky and high-quality like the London Sock Company ones then even better.

A Rockwell Razor

Image courtesy of Rockwell Razors

There’s two factors at play here. Men like practical things and men also have to shave (on occasion). The result makes a Rockwell Razor an ideal Christmas gift. No discussion on this one.

Hylo Athletics Shoes

Image courtesy of Hylo Athletics

Men on the go walk a lot, and uncomfortable shoes don’t fit in with that type of lifestyle – but comfortable shoes do not need to sacrifice on style. Cue in Hylo Athletics and their elegant looking trainers and you’ve got yourself a win-win situation. Talking about comfort, you can also pair the trainers with the Diagnonal One no tie shoelaces.

A CDLP Shirt

Image courtesy of CDLP

Long haul flights are exhausting – no matter if you face them in first class or third. Upon arrival, changing into comfortable loungewear might be all your man-on-the-go craves, so why not gift them a CDLP home shirt and grant them that luxury?

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