Zimbabwe: Bucket List Must-dos 
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Zimbabwe: Bucket List Must-dos 

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What to do and where to go in your next trip to Zimbabwe, the home of wildness, rivers and national parks.

Zimbabwe is a true hidden gem and is a must-visit if you’re choosing Africa as your next vacation destination. Offering authentic safari experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and a selection of UNESCO World Heritage sites, there’s so much to do! In this article, we’ll be discussing our favorite sights to see in Zimbabwe, which are perfect for ticking off your travel bucket list. 

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Mana Pools

The Mana Pools National Park offers a remote and rugged experience for all. It boasts a fascinating area of wilderness running along the Zambezi River, located in northern Zimbabwe. 

You’ll spot wildlife that ranges from large mammals to over 350 species of birds. The term “Mana” refers to the park’s four large pools, where you’ll get the amazing opportunity to experience guided canoe trails in the middle of the Zambezi Valley.

Admire peaceful, undisturbed wild animals and tune into the sounds of rural Africa. Walking among the sandbanks, grassy floodplains, and your favorite exotic mammals will truly amount to an unforgettable experience.

Hwange National Park

Known as Zimbabwe’s largest park at 5,657 square miles, Hwange National Park is a must-see during your luxury safari vacation. Situated in the southwest of Zimbabwe, the park is full of incredible experiences and wildlife and is home to one of Africa’s largest elephant sanctuaries. 

Hwange National Park boasts more animals and a wider selection of species than any other park in the country, as well as being home to over 400 species of birds. With picturesque woodlands, lush grasslands, and forestry, the park offers a true wilderness experience and outstanding game viewing opportunities. 

Victoria Falls

The beautiful Victoria Falls presents spectacular sights and undeniable beauty. This mighty Zimbabwe River forms the largest sheet of falling water in the world. Forming a natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the rushing water produces an immense spray and incredible noises of water splashing against the current. 

Walk across the knife-edge bridge to experience the finest views of the main falls and its boiling points. You can admire the panoramic views across the Main Falls and the Eastern Cataract. The spray can be seen from miles away, and during the rainy season, the river produces over 17 billion cubic feet of water per minute that plummets over the edge. 

Matopos Hills and Bulawayo 

The Matopos Hills are an area of granite and wooded valleys located in the south-eastern corner of Zimbabwe. Home to rich diversity and history, the hills stand 5,000 feet tall and offer a spectacular landscape to tick off your Zimbabwe bucket list. 

With dramatic scenery and vibrant, colorful wildlife, you’ll be able to spot your favorite wild animals, from leopards to a variety of insect species. The Matobo National Park itself was established in 1926 and is one of the oldest in the country. Its large boulders and caves have been associated with human occupation as far back as the Stone Age. 

The neighboring city of Bulawayo is just 35 minutes away from the Matopos. Bulawayo has an interesting history and features charming parks, tree-lined streets, and museums, including Zimbabwe’s Natural History Museum

Its stunning colonial architecture and welcoming locals certainly make this city one to visit on your next African adventure. 

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