Ithaafushi: The Ultimate Private Escape In The Heart Of The Maldives
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Ithaafushi: The Ultimate Private Escape In The Heart Of The Maldives

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It feels these days as though many of the destinations that were once the best-kept secrets in luxury travel are now famous vacation favourites among the masses. 

Destinations such as St. Tropez, Mykonos and Tulum are, of course, undeniably beautiful areas of the world to visit, each offering vast beaches, incredible resorts and crystal clear oceans of their own. However, word-of-mouth over the years has led to a surge in tourism numbers in these destinations, meaning that – whilst still making for a wonderful getaway spot – they aren’t quite the private escapes that they once were. 

With that in mind, DDW would love to introduce you to Ithaafushi, the private luxury island escape in the heart of The Maldives

Even the name of this incredible destination speaks for itself. Ithaafushi means ‘Pearl Island’ in The Maldives’ native language Dhivehi – and it’s a very fitting title, indeed. Ithaafushi is managed by Waldorf Astoria, a well-known and famously high-end branch of the Hilton brand specialising in the finest quality summer escapes. 

The level of luxury laid on for those who embark on a trip to Ithaafushi is clear even before guests reach the island itself. Visitors have the (somewhat difficult-to-make) choice between experiencing the breathtaking views of The Maldives offered by a ten-minute seaplane journey to Ithaafushi or the luxury and ample opportunity to relax offered by a forty-minute sojourn on one of Ithaafushi’s dedicated yachts. We imagine that a wonderful experience is a given, either way. 

Once visitors arrive at their destination, they are greeted by the resort’s attentive concierge team. If there’s one thing that all luxury private getaway spots should have in common, it’s the appointment of a top-class team of on-site staff members with the shared mantra that no guest’s experience should be anything less than incredible. At Ithaafushi, this is a principle the team quite clearly hold close. 

The accommodation itself is just as opulent. Bright, airy, laidback and yet with no detail left to chance, the Waldorf Astoria Ithaafushi feels like more than just a resort. In many ways, it is somehow reminiscent of the home of a much-loved family friend – always inviting, warm, comfortable and unexplainably familiar, even to those embarking on their first visit to Ithaafushi. 

Visitors want for nothing at the Waldorf Astoria Ithaafushi. Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, beautiful furnishings and opens out to incredible views of the Indian Ocean. 

The communal areas are just as impressive. On hotel grounds, guests have the opportunity to relax by the pool, find their zen with one of the resort’s professionally-trained wellness coaches or enjoy a bite to eat in one of eleven world-class restaurants, some overseen by Michelin-star chefs

Away from the Waldorf Astoria itself, visitors to Ithaafushi are able to enjoy a variety of immersive island activities. A quiet night sleeping under the stars? Check. An exciting afternoon getting up-close and personal with whale sharks and wild turtles during an ocean dive? Also, check. Ithaafushi has it all, whatever pace you like to take during your summer vacation. 

However, as incredible as these man-made-and-maintained features of Ithaafushi are, the real appeal of this secluded part of the world comes in the form of the incredible sunsets to be enjoyed at the end of each day – just one part of the Ithaafushi experience that couldn’t possibly be the same anywhere else in the world. 
So, if you happen to be on the lookout for the newest best-kept secret when it comes to the world of luxury island getaways, we at DDW can’t recommend Ithaafushi enough – just don’t tell them we told you.

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