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Boxing day  scaled

Who’s Boxing On Boxing Day? And Why Chuck Feeney Is The Man

We’re here to help you solve that perennial question – what does boxing have to do with Boxing Day? If you’re British you may have asked yourself this question every year on December 26th and if you’re in the US or elsewhere this may solve that riddle during your next binge of The Crown or Downton Abbey. 

Boxing Day
Boxing Day

As it turns out – boxing, at least the sport, has zero to do with Boxing Day. The actual origin of the name dates back to Queen Victoria’s reign when the wealthy gave boxes of gifts to the less fortunate. As a bonus, during this day house staff (see Downton Abbey for reference) traditionally had the rare day off and could spend time with their loved ones. 

Alongside this box giving tradition the collection box which is passed around at Church during the Christmas season was opened up and the money was then distributed to the poor. 

Check Feeney — Boxing Day
Chuck Feeney

If nothing else – this year shows that this is a tradition that we probably need to bring back and implement globally. Redistribution of wealth is rare – unless you’re billionaire American Chuck Feeney who actively gave away his staggering $8Bn wealth to causes around the globe. Thirty eight years ago Feeney set himself a goal to go broke by giving it away (anonymously) and he achieved it last week – inspiring other billionaires like Bill Gates to join in the movement. 

So perhaps we can all take a page out of Chuck’s and Boxing Day’s playbook and aim to give more in 2021 to those in our communities and the people who need help the most. After all, what better way to start 2021 than on a positive note.

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