Break Through The Velvet Rope
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Break Through The Velvet Rope

April 24, 2020 Share

A Note From Our Founder, Antoin Commane

Isolation means we can only experience our musical idols through computers, TVs and mobile phones. Still, that is the case for most people, the stars are untouchable, raised on a plinth above the crowds. Meeting a famous pop-star or musician is only a dream to most; attending their concerts and following them on social media, the only way to feel closer.

Katy Perry Backstage
Katy Perry backstage

However, there is a way to break through that invisible wall and get the coveted backstage passes, the invitations to showcases and attend the VIP afterparties. Knowing this hidden secret means you might be able hop over the red tape and insert yourself into the right circles, add yourself to the group of in-the-know insiders with full access.

For years, the music industry has struggled to find ways to keep their artists profitable by generating buzz and attention to their work. They rely heavily on marketing as an essential component for success; getting to the right people that can move the needle for their songs and albums is central to their strategy. The challenge however is that in a world with endless tweets, posts and likes it is ever more difficult to ascertain who these people are.

Lucky Blue Smith
Lucky Blue Smith

Enter Don’t Die Wondering (DDW); a quietly kept secret society of influential people from music, film, fashion and art. Our closely guarded group counts power-brokers, influencers and even celebrities within its ranks that collectively hold considerable power. Knowing that a trusted recommendation from DDW members can create a word of mouth avalanche, labels and artists actively seek to invite and include our society in all the surrounding marketing fanfare possible, be it backstage or at a private release party to 50 fellow insiders.

Karlli Klos
Karli Kloss

Joining this elite set would shatter any walls that have stopped you from being on the inside track, so how do you get in? We keep information about our members private and to know more about our admission process you have to go through it, we do allow for applications on the Don’t Die Wondering website (click here for the Society page), with the caveat that all candidates are strictly screened by our committee. We take people that are at the top of their game, the real movers and shakers, the people that add vibrant life to any space, situation or  product. Who knows – perhaps you will be our next great member… I’m looking forward to finding out.

Lady Gaga backstage
Lady Gaga backstage

For those that applied – best of luck and see you backstage at Lady Gaga!

All photography by Greg Williams

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