Whiskey That Is Worth Its Price | Take A Sip On These Luxuries
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Whiskey That Is Worth Its Price | Take A Sip On These Luxuries

February 16, 2022 Share

Whiskey is one of the oldest and most revered alcoholic beverages globally. And when it comes to whisky, the cliché is true: there is something for everyone. 

The word comes from an old Gaelic term meaning ‘life water’. From about the 15th century onwards, raw versions of whiskey were brewed and used in medicine to sterilise wounds and sedate patients. 

Today it is enjoyed as a fine liquor and is usually reserved for special occasions.

In 2017 the US imported around $1 billion worth of Scotch whiskey – simply the most luxurious of them all. This specific liquor contributes to around $5 billion of revenue for the UK, making it the most valuable food or drink product for the British economy. 

In a previous article on a single malt whiskey, I talked about how this high-quality spirit is becoming an eye-turner in the investment market.

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And this is still true to this day. In the world of high-end whiskies, some brands simply stand out above the rest. 

This idea is because the companies are run by artisans who are genuinely passionate about their work; these distilleries hit all the right marks. 

Quality ingredients, exceptionally pure water, and time-honoured processes come together to create a spirit that is brimming with character and taste — every sip is a rich sensory experience.

Now that’s what luxury is all about.

It all depends on how long it has aged. You could be spending either $35 straight or up to $30 000 for one that is 50-years-old.

Photo credit: Isabella’s Islay

Nowadays, a bottle of Isabella’s Islay is the most expensive whiskey that money can buy. The price tag of $6 million that comes with a bottle of whiskey is because of the decanter that contains it. 

It features 8,500 diamonds, 300 rubies and exquisite white gold. But it is one of the finest ever and is the epitome of luxury scotch whiskey when it comes to whiskey. 

The big guns play in auction houses but for now, put your amber-tinted glasses on to explore some more delightful delights.

So as you build your collection, stock your top shelf with bottles from these exceptional luxury brands:

Suntory Yamazaki 50-Year-Old Single Malt Whiskey Expressions


Price: $370,000 – $510,000 

Only 50 bottles were produced for the first edition, including the two record-smashing bottles, making it one of the Japanese whiskies and, therefore, the priciest. 

If you are looking for a younger and cheaper Yamazaki, there is a 35-year-old edition valued at a touch over $120,000

The Single Malt Scotch Whisky Macallan Lalique


Price: $88,000 – $155,000.

These scarce Macallan offerings represent the finest in aged single malts. The item pictured above is a Macallan 50-year-old in Lalique, which comes in a great gift box with all the paperwork needed to prove its legitimacy.

Karuizawa Vintage 1965 Cask #8852

Price: $85,000 – $90,000 

After ageing in a sherry cask for more than 52 years and bottled in 2017, this Cask strength expression was bottled in 2017 as one of Karuizawa’s last remaining casks; just 150 bottles were released.

Single Malt Scotch Whisky Bowmore Range

Price: $45000 – $73,800 

Bowmore is the first licensed Islay distillery. It has stood on the shores of Lochindaal, a sea loch opening out into the wild Atlantic Ocean, since 1779.

To this day, the distillery still operates in traditional ways, honouring the origin of whisky-making techniques. Bowmore is still handcrafted today.

Take a sip of that!

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