What Contemporary Artists Are Up for Sale at Sotheby’s Right Now?
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What Contemporary Artists Are Up for Sale at Sotheby’s Right Now?

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Walking down the aisle of the fancy art supermarket and exploring Sotheby’s best contemporary pieces up for grabs.

You know Picasso, Dalí and Monet. Perhaps you have heard of Jenny Saville, Peter Doig or Ana Mendieta – these are all great contemporary artists, but unless you have a gallery fund behind you, or some serious savings, it is nearly impossible to face the steep price points of buying one of their pieces.

Getting to grips with the up-and-coming art market is not only a way of bringing culture into your own home; over time, art work is one of the most valuable and lucrative investments to get invovled with. If you are well versed with DDW, you have probably already comme accross our fondness for art bids of all kinds; from luxury watches, elegant antiques and, as of today, contemporary artists.

Have a read of some of our favorites currently on the market.

Jean Michel Basquiat – Untitled

Getting hold of a Basquiat is no small feat, and no small price. As one of the most influential and trendy contemporary artists of the century, this piece for sale at Sotheby’s is an acrylic and oil-stick triptic on canvas, from 1983.

Alber Willem – Untitled

Image courtesy of Sotheby’s

Albert Willem works with a lot of colour, in a style which is playful and youthful. He creates his masterpieces in Brussels, and deliberately avoids tackling very profound themes, which keeps his art light and positive. Sotheby’s is selling one of his pieces depicting friends around a dinner table.

Je Yeoran – Usquam Nusquam

Image courtesy of Sotheby’s

Je Yeoran makes performative art on a canvas, which is a pretty cool concept that has made the artist acquire quite a reputation. Through colour and expression, his work is an abstraction of movement pasted, frozen in time.

Alighiero Boetti – Aerei

Image courtesy of Sotheby’s

A signed 19878 triptic featuring a myriad of airplanes of all shapes and sizes is a great embodiment of Boetti’s playful artistic style. Drawn with ballpoint pen and paper, this is a signed piece of valuable work from the artist’s carreer.

Lynne Drexler – Reddish

As lover of abstract expressionism, Lynne Drexler is one to depict landscapes in the most varied of ways. Reddish is a piece from 1970, being sold directly from the artist’s estate and providing a great opportunity for those looking to set foot on the art investment scene.

Eddie Martinez – Untitled

This mixed media piece by Eddie Martinez mixes spray paint and acrylics and paper towels to create a frenetic and bold piece, so distinctively part of Martinez’s line of work. His work is loud and big, usually exhibited in New York or Miami.

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