Welcome To The Future  – Meet Volkswagen’s New Flying Taxi
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Welcome To The Future  – Meet Volkswagen’s New Flying Taxi

August 17, 2022 Share

Why do humans need to do mundane jobs like pizza delivery? Welcome to the future where drones deliver your pizza, medicines, and even humans with the innovative Flying Taxi.

Looking at history and how innovative we have become in this century, it’s pretty clear how limitless our potential is. From horse-drawn carriages to a fully automated flying taxi – who would have imagined what we could do in a hundred years? 

Until recently, we used to make science fiction movies about the year we are in now – movies with robots and flying cars. Today, we are witnessing a revolution; mind-blowing technologies are changing the world. 

Crewless flying vehicles are growing in popularity all over the world. The mosquito-sounding technology is developing quickly, with drones able to fly further and carry ever heavier payloads. But one automotive company has recently proven that we can push it even further. 

flying taxi
The V.MO. prototype Flying Tiger. Volkswagen.

Volkswagen has just unveiled a tremendous human-sized drone that acts like a flying taxi. Known as the ‘Flying Tiger’, its mission is to shuttle four VIPs (and their luggage) to any uncongested destinations ​​up to 200 km – without a pilot.

The fully-working prototype has been described as a “state-of-the-art passenger drone prototype.” Few people know this is the first time Volkswagen Group China has ventured into aircraft design. 

In a statement, CEO Dr Stephan Wöllenstein stated that their “long-term aim is to industrialise this concept and, like a ‘Flying Tiger’, break new ground in this emerging and fast-evolving new mobility market.”

flying taxi
The V.MO. prototype Flying Tiger. Volkswagen.

The Flying Tiger coined its name due to its black and gold finishing touches but also played tribute to commemorate the fact that it launched in the Year of the Tiger.

What’s unique about the futuristic drone is that the prototype looks similar to a helicopter, with eight rotors fixed upwards to allow the aircraft to take off and land vertically.

And with its cross-shaped wing configuration, measuring 11.2 metres in length and spanning 10.6 metres in width, enables the electric aircraft to fly horizontally on its journey. 

Volkswagen will conduct several flight tests with Flying Tiger later this year before an improved prototype will carry out advanced test flights in the winter of 2023.

Keep your eyes on the skies, folks – the future is near.

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