Weirdest and Most Expensive Items You Can Buy Online
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Weirdest and Most Expensive Items You Can Buy Online

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Would you pay thousands for a comic book or a curry dish? Well, some people would pay a fortune for some weird overly expensive items.

Some products are expensive because they are rare, some because they are luxury goods, and some just make us wonder why their price tag is that expensive! For whatever reason, you will require a substantial budget in order to purchase any of the following pricey items.

Image Courtesy of BuzzFeed News

Cheese Wheel – $2,600

There are many gourmet products available on Amazon, but few are as striking as this enormous 75-pound wheel of imported Italian cheese. This is no ordinary cheese wheel—rather, it’s a gourmet behemoth that is remarkable for its dimensions and cost.

1930 NY Yankees Team Signed Baseball – $89,000

Imagine being able to possess today a rare baseball item from the past. At $89,000, this 1930 New York Yankees team-signed baseball has Babe Ruth‘s signature front and center. You could buy a whole stadium for a day’s worth of expenses with that much money, or buy a ton of pretzels with extra mustard.

Macaroni and Cheese – $158.85

It may seem ridiculous to spend more than $150 on a single box of mac and cheese, but Annie’s Homegrown Gluten-Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar Mac & Cheese is exactly what you can get on Amazon. Usually, gluten-free products are more expensive, but this one is extremely pricey.

Curry Dish – $3000

The most expensive curry dish in the world can be found at the Bombay Brasserie in Central London. This opulent feast, called Samundari Khazana or Seafood Treasure, is made with edible gold, sea snails, a whole lobster, and beluga caviar. Inspired by the mother of head chef Prahlad Hegde, this $3,281 entrée comes with a glass of champagne and rice laced with saffron.

Image Courtesy of Hotel News ME

A Spider-Man comic book – $40,000

This comic book is not just any comic book; it is the 1963 debut edition of the “Amazing Spider-Man” series. This legendary piece of comic book history is priced at an astounding $40,000 due to its rarity and condition.

Samurai Stationery – $66,000

The ST Dupont Samurai Preston Lighter and Pen Set is available for $66,000. This gorgeous set comes with a pen, a lighter, a Katana letter opener, and a display stand. Each piece is painstakingly made by hand using leather, silk ribbons, solid rose gold, and hundreds of white diamonds.

Caviar – $9,000

Savor more than two pounds of the finest black caviar from the Russian Almas Osetra Sturgeon, which is renowned for its nutty, fresh, and aromatic flavor. This is one of the most costly caviar alternatives available, costing $9,000 for this opulent delicacy.

Image Courtesy of Sterling Caviar

These items above bring in high costs that only the wealthiest can buy, whether it’s due to their rarity, luxury, or some unknown reasons. Every item on this list is a tribute to the art of extravagant living.

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