Top Most Expensive Dog Breeds
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Top Most Expensive Dog Breeds

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Hey dog lovers! Ever wondered what it costs to own some of the world’s most luxurious and expensive dog breeds?

The expenses of owning a dog can be high and go well beyond the initial cost of getting a pet. The world’s most costly dog breed is determined by factors other than simply the initial cost, such as the need for specialised training in their formative months or possible health problems that could deplete your finances. And other dogs just seem to have it in them to live opulent lives that will surprise you when your credit card statement shows up. So, below are some of the most expensive and desirable dog breeds.

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Tibetan Mastiff – Average cost: $2,000 to Millions!

The ancient Tibetan Mastiff breed, which originated in China and Nepal, was first created to protect livestock and households from wolves and leopards. Males of these magnificent species can weigh up to 160 pounds, making them one of the largest canines. Their mane, which resembles a lion’s, is made of thick fur that envelops their neck and shoulders, making them extremely unique.

In China, the Tibetan Mastiff is regarded as a prestige symbol due to its aristocratic appearance and strong reputation. As such, the cost of a purebred Tibetan Mastiff puppy can vary from two thousand to several thousand dollars.

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English bulldog – Average cost: $4,250

The English Bulldog, one of the most adored flat-faced dog breeds, became even more well-known in 2019 when a bulldog by the name of Thor took home the Best in Show title at the National Dog Show. This triumph thrust the breed into the public eye, greatly raising both its price and desirability.

English Bulldogs are loved for their unique looks and endearing, self-assured personalities. They are among the more costly breeds to acquire, nevertheless, because of the cost associated with their special qualities.

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Samoyed – Average cost: $14,000

Samoyeds are one of the rarest and priciest dog breeds, valued for their eternal smiles and amiable, caring disposition. Because of their tremendous inclination to run and explore, these dogs must always be kept leashed. They make excellent companions for families with young children since they are playful, gregarious, and intelligent.

Samoyeds have a charming demeanour, but they are prone to various expensive health problems, including heart problems, autoimmune diseases, and corneal dystrophy. These ailments can result in $5,000 or more in vet fees, which adds to the breed’s high total cost.

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Portuguese Water Dog (Porties) – Average cost: $3,500

The Obamas, who owned two of these energetic and devoted dogs, Sunny and Bo, when they were in the White House, are credited with popularizing the Portuguese Water Dog. Beyond their notoriety as president, Porties are regarded as intelligent, gregarious, family-friendly, and hypoallergenic, which makes them a great option for people with allergies.

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