Under the Knife: Most Common Cosmetic Procedures For Males
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Under the Knife: Most Common Cosmetic Procedures For Males

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Who says cosmetic procedures are just for the ladies? Men are joining the nip and tuck party too. Check out the top treatments they’re clamoring for!

The right amount of money, a knife and some savvy stitches can make you look pretty much however you’d like these days. Although we like to pretend cosmetic procedures been around forever, your great-grandmother probably has no idea what Botox is. If she does, she’ll be glad to know she is quite the trendsetter, as Botulinum toxin first came about in 1978, and although it was once a procedure for the richer amongst us, it is now quite common practice. But the real indicator that cosmetic surgery has been around for its fair amount of time is that men have also started to jump on the trend. Here’s solid evidence of this: a quick google search plasters Simon Cowell (instead of a woman) next to the words “history of botox”.

Whilst we’re by no means saying you should get any kind of cosmetic procedure done (that’s for you to decide!), here’s a list of the kinds of things men are asking their plastic surgeon for.

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Men Get Botulinum Toxin Type A

There’s a pretty shocking statistic that says the number of men that have injected Botox since the year 2000 has increased a staggering 400%. In comparison to women, men tend to get more discrete treatments, often tackling eye wrinkles or other smaller treatment areas, but it isn’t just physical treatments that the golden injectable treats. Celebrities have outwardly spoken about using Botox for things such as easing the symptoms of bruxism, or even migraines.

Hair Removal or Hair Transplanting

Too much hair, or not enough? Both dilemmas have solutions, and are quite high on the list of of male-preferred cosmetic procedures. Hair removal is often carried out through laser treatments, whilst hair transplanting focuses on taking hair from certain parts of your scalp and inserting them elsewhere.

Long gone are the hairpiece days.

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Ah, the good old nose job. Seeing men and women with tapered noses has become a frequent occurrence, as this is one of the most face-altering procedures. That being said, the surgery is often considered a relatively easy one to recover from, which explains why so many celebrities have had it done.

There’s even something dubbed the “10-minute-nose-job”, for those still hesitant about going under the knife. The non-invasive procedure injects hyaluronic acid gel which is then used to shape, contour and accentuate your nose as you please.


The dad-bod might have been ‘in’ recently, but many don’t quite get to grips with those extra bits of skin, and opt to go under the knife with liposuction. Recently it has been taken to a whole new level with a procedure named Abdominal Etching, or liposculpture. No need to crunch that hard anymore, apparently.

Facial Fillers

Facial fillers have been rising in popularity over the past few years, with men also joining in on the trend. Fillers are injections that add volume to certain areas of the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines and folds. Men often use fillers to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags, fill in hollow cheeks or even to enhance their jawline. Hyaluronic acid is often used for these types of fillers as it is a naturally occurring substance in the body that can provide instant results with little downtime.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a condition where men develop enlarged breast tissue, often referred to as “man boobs.” This condition can be caused by hormonal imbalances or genetics, and it can cause men to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in their own bodies. Gynecomastia surgery involves removing the excess breast tissue and sculpting the chest to create a more masculine appearance. This procedure can have a significant impact on a man’s self-confidence and overall quality of life.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a popular treatment that can improve the overall appearance of the skin. This procedure uses a laser to remove the top layers of skin, promoting the growth of new, healthy skin cells. Men often opt for this treatment to reduce the appearance of scars, age spots, and sun damage. Laser skin resurfacing can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving men a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is another one of the cosmetic procedures men go for, and this one can enhance the shape and size of the chin. This procedure can be done with the use of implants or through injectable fillers. Men often opt for this treatment to create a more defined and masculine jawline. Chin augmentation can also balance out other facial features and improve the overall harmony of the face.

Body Contouring

Body contouring procedures such as tummy tucks and arm lifts are becoming more popular among men. These procedures can remove excess skin and fat from certain areas of the body, creating a more toned and sculpted appearance. Men who have lost a significant amount of weight or who have excess skin due to aging often opt for these types of procedures to improve their overall body shape.

In conclusion, cosmetic procedures are no longer just for women. Men are increasingly seeking out treatments to improve their appearance and boost their self-confidence. From Botox to body contouring, there are a variety of options available to help men achieve their desired look. It is important to note that these procedures should be carefully considered and only done by experienced and qualified professionals.

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