Choosing the Best Hair Extensions for You
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Choosing the Best Hair Extensions for You

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Delving into how to choose, care for, and purchase your next set of hair extensions.

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Hair Extensions are a go-to solution for anyone looking to add length, volume, and thickness to their hair. They especially come in handy when your mane is short or less voluminous, and you can’t wait for it to grow. Simply add extensions to your hair, and you’ll instantly get a longer, fuller mane.

But since so many options are available, you may be unsure which type is best if it’s your first time purchasing a set. From synthetic to Remy human hair extensions, there are a lot of different terms to navigate as you search for the perfect type.

So, before you scour different websites to buy hair extensions, read our guide to help you narrow down your options.

Synthetic Extensions

Image courtesy of Zala Hair

Synthetic extensions are made from artificial fibers instead of real human hair. They’re more affordable than their human hair counterparts and may have fewer styling options, but they’ll still deliver lots of length and volume. With that in mind, ensuring you’re purchasing a high-quality set is still important.

Thankfully, high-quality synthetic extensions such as Zala Keratin look natural and blend perfectly with your natural hair. These double-drawn extensions are thicker than any standard synthetic piece, meaning you’ll get ultimate volume. 

So, if you’re looking for a cheaper way to add length and volume to your hair, you can go with synthetic extensions. Just be sure to buy from a trusted and renowned brand since not all synthetic extensions look natural or blend properly.

Human Hair Extensions

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As you can tell from the name, these extensions are made from real human hair. These kind of sets are long-lasting and look entirely natural. Plus, they blend seamlessly with your hair, and you can style them as you would your own hair. 

For example, you can safely use heat tools on human extensions, unlike many synthetic brands that come pre-styled. However, you’ll still want to use a heat protectant to prevent damage. Premium brands of these extensions come with super soft and silky strands sourced ethically from healthy donors. 

Remy Human Hair Extensions

These are the best quality extensions among all human hair extensions. Remy sets are made from premium-quality hair with cuticles intact. This means the strands will mimic your hair’s direction, flow, and movement. This feature allows for perfect blending and boosts the overall look and feel of the extensions. 

The best part? Remy extensions are less prone to getting tangled, which is especially helpful if you’re choosing a longer set. Moreover, they’re heat and color-friendly, besides having a long lifespan.


No matter the type of extensions you choose, it’s important to ensure a good color match. The wrong colour can ruin your look, so always get a colour as close as possible to your natural shade. The good news is that most brands offer sets in many different colours, making it easy to pick the correct shade for you. 

But it gets tricky to choose a suitable shade when buying sets online, so you’ll want to be extra careful when making your selection. Luckily, many hair extension manufacturers provide color-matching services through their websites. Upload a picture of your hair color to their websites, and their experts will get back to you with a suitable recommendation.


Image courtesy of Freepik

Hair Extensions are available in multiple lengths. You’ll want to choose a suitable length for you to look your best. But how do you know what length is best for you? Start by considering the length of your natural hair; the general rule of thumb is to choose a length that’s no more than twice your natural length.

Hair Extensions Maintenance

Depending on which brand of extensions you choose, they may require varying levels of maintenance, but ultimate all need a certain degree of TLC. 

Regardless of your choice, it’s never a good idea to wash your extensions with shampoos containing harsh chemicals like sulfates, alcohol, and parabens because these agents can make the hair dry, brittle, and frizzy. 

Also, avoid heat tools as much as possible or use them at lower temperatures. Finally, be extra gentle while washing and brushing your sets. 

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