Umm, Why Was There A Cube Worth $11.7 Million In Gold in Central Park?
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Umm, Why Was There A Cube Worth $11.7 Million In Gold in Central Park?

February 10, 2022 Share

Artist Niclas Castello placed this installation to create something beyond our world; he then launched a cryptocurrency called The Castello Coin.

Imagine taking a stroll at Central Park early in the morning and stumbling upon a gigantic golden cube out of nowhere. Well, that’s what happened with visitors who were stumped looking at German artist Niclas Castello’s unique installation at the site.

Some saw it as Instagram bait, while The New York Times described the situation as simply a cube surrounded by a steady trickle of gawkers, some of whom had come to see the art and others drawn in by the crowd itself. 

I just love a group of people staring at a box. However, it was more than that – according to the artist anyway.

Niclas Castello and his gold cube. CINDY ORD.

A golden cube made from pure 24-karat gold was constructed and dropped the in middle of the central park a few days ago. The installation was so pure it was even protected by its security detail. 

The purpose of this wild publicity stunt is to draw attention to a new crypto coin launched at the same time – his very own Castello Coin.

But before you rush off to see this exciting installation, I am afraid to say that it was only there for one day. According to the artist’s team, the cube is also not for sale.

So, why did the 47-year-old decide to plop a 410-pound work in the city that never sleeps?

Described in its press release as a symbol of stability and endurance, a block of gold – a rare and heavy metal of high density with extraordinary chemical and physical properties, has played a crucial role in most advanced civilisations as a sun-like symbol of light. 

The 24-carat, 999.9 pure gold, 410-pound Castello CUBE at Central Park, New York City. Photo: Sandra Mika/HoGA Capital AG.

According to Artnet News, Castello said the idea was to “create something beyond our world — that is intangible” and referred to it as a conceptual piece in all its facets. 

The cube was cast at a foundry in Aarau, Switzerland using a handmade kiln specially manufactured to meet this purpose. It took an army to transport the block all the way, not only to turn heads but to send out a message. 

A message suggests that our emerging 21st-century is becoming a cultural ecosystem based on crypto and the ancient world where gold reigned supreme.

This concept is something entirely new for the artist who was reportedly influenced by the fall of the Berlin Wall. But throughout his career, he showcases his artwork inspired by neo-expressionism, pop art, and street art.

Photo: Sandra Mika/HoGA Capital AG

His works include several cube-inspired structures, which explain why Castello is now thinking outside of the box regarding our digital evolution of cryptocurrency. This virtual or digital money takes the form of tokens or coins.

Niclas Castello’s cryptocurrency is traded as $CAST and online purchase. The Coin will act as a bridge between traditional and new — amid the worlds of finance, investment, cryptocurrencies, and the digital age. 

An upcoming NFT auction is scheduled for February 21, 2022. 

There is a reason why people like gold, the shiny, soft yellow metal. It speaks to us through numerous streams of wealth. 

From a block on the street to a coin in our hand, the rare chemical element is joining the crypto train. 

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