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NYC Summit One Vanderbilt | What To Wear When Visiting The All-Glass Attraction

Welcome to the Summit One Vanderbilt. Midtown’s tallest office tower opened its observation deck this week, adding to the city’s ever-growing list of sky-high spectacles. 

The One Vanderbilt’s Summit opened in Sept. 2020. It is a $3.3 billion complex with an observation area containing three floors in all, on the 91st, 92nd and 93rd floors. 

Designed by Snohetta, One Vanderbilt’s Summit stretches across the 1,401-foot-tall tower and offers incredible views across a 65,000-square-foot multi-level entertainment venue about 1,000 feet in the air.

Summit offers visitors two thrill experiences. Levitation, which includes fully transparent glass “skyboxes” that suspend guests over 1,060 feet above Madison Avenue. 

For the more daring, Ascent is an all-glass elevator (even the floor) that takes guests over 1,200 feet up the side of the building.

Ascent is accessed through the open-air terrace, which wraps around the south and west sides of One Vanderbilt and provides views for up to 60 miles, as 6sqft previously reported. 

The terrace is home to the Nordic-themed cafe Apres, which provides light fare and cocktails from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events.

While views of the city’s landmarks like the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and Central Park are no doubt incredible from Summit, the art installation is maybe even more dazzling.

Created by Kenzo Digital, Air is a walk-through art experience with three sides of mirrors, including the floor and ceiling, distorting the cityscape and immersing guests within it at the same time. 

The installation is made up of several “chapters,” starting with a dark tunnel that leads to an elevator ride of flashing lights, reaching 1,000 feet in just 42 seconds.

Located next to Grand Central, the 77-story One Vanderbilt officially opened to office tenants last September. 

Designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox, the building is the city’s fourth-tallest tower, with Summit now the fourth-highest observation deck, behind One World Trade Center, Edge at 30 Hudson Yards, and the Empire State Building.

The Summit One Vanderbilt attraction in New York City wants visitors to enjoy all its glass ceilings, glass floors and glass walls but there’s one caveat – don’t wear a skirt.

The reflective flooring inside the building can lead to “unwanted exposure” for guests wearing skirts or dresses, the attraction’s website says.

Due to the nature of the space and the presence of reflective and transparent flooring materials, the building has added a strict dress code and have recommended wearing pants, shorts, or tights to enjoy the full experience.

The reflective and transparent flooring may not mix well with skirts or dresses, so a free pair of black shorts will be offered to guests who ask but we suggest preparing your outfit beforehand so that you feel 100% comfortable for those social media posts.

Summit One Vanderbilt also asks visitors to wear comfortable shoes, and avoid anything that will damage mirrored floors such as stiletto heels and steel-toed boots – so choose wisely.

“Summit is more than just a view, though we have great views. It’s really an emotional journey”

Managing Director Robert Schiffer

Sunglasses are also provided to visitors to wear inside because of the intense reflections that bounce around the walls and floors, creating an infinity effect. 

Even the restrooms show off the skyline, giving visitors a chance to use the loo with a view.

Overall the dress code to visit the Summit One Vanderbilt will be as follows:

  • Pants, Tights or Shorts
  • Your Best Pair of Shades
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • A Banging T-shirt
  • Accessories For Your Hearts Content