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American Football Legend Tom Brady Joins Forces With Danish Design Team Christopher Cloos

Tom Brady
Tom Brady as Quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady is the golden child of American Football. Having won more Super Bowls than any other player in history, he embodies the meaning of a truly iconic athlete – joining the pantheon of other sports world giants like Jordan, Tiger, Federer and Beckham whose names alone call to mind the most renown moments in sporting history. Outside of the field Brady is known for his work with charity, his impeccable style and his movie-star romance with his supermodel and fashion icon wife, Gisele. 

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen on the red carpet of The Met Gala
Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen on the red carpet of The Met Gala

It goes without saying Brady is a man that does not do anything in half measures and is said to credit his incredible success to an obsessively concentrated work ethic, narrowing in on details that others glance over to craft his strategy and improve performance. Now he is bringing his focus, style and determination to a new challenge – eyewear. 

Brady sporting sunglasses from his new collection
Brady sporting sunglasses from his new collection

Collaborating with Danish luxury eyewear maker Christopher Cloos – Brady is introducing a new range that both encapsulate modern luxury and hit key notes of green credentials and utility. Made of fully biodegradable (and naturally made) Italian acetate these glasses feature optically improved lenses and clean sleek design making them easy for daily wear and fashionable comfort.

Brady reportedly insisted on a functional yet healthy perspective on the design of the range – incorporating blue light blocking lenses that improve personal wellness by filtering out wavelengths that cause eye strain and disrupt sleep cycles (which can lead to retinal damage). 

Bluelight blocking lenses from the Brady x Cloos collaboration
Bluelight blocking lenses from the Brady x Cloos collaboration

“Christopher Cloos’ commitment to health, wellness, and sustainability – without sacrificing style – really resonated with me,” says Brady. “I love their commitment to excellence and discipline to make things happen. I’m proud of the partnership and what we have been able to create together with the Cloos x Brady collection. Not to mention I love wearing them and hope everyone will too!” 

The collaboration is available via the Cloos website and features six colours in both optical and sunglass form at a modest cost of $179, making them an easy and stylish investment in your longterm vision. Perhaps by using them we can inherit some of Brady’s greatness by proxy… one never knows!

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