Thomas Pheasant’s Most Iconic Interior Design Projects
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Thomas Pheasant’s Most Iconic Interior Design Projects

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Explore Thomas Pheasant’s world of design, from luxurious furniture to serene interiors, capturing the essence of modern elegance and craftsmanship.

Thomas Pheasant is a well-known figure in design and furniture around the world, having spent more than 40 years creating beautiful furniture and interiors.

Pheasant divides his time between his personal residences in Paris and Washington, DC, and uses his creative energy to pursue business and residential projects all over the world, from interior design projects to furniture design. His impressive resume features partnerships with esteemed companies like Baker and McGuire in addition to his signature collections, which feature one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces, like Thomas Pheasant STUDIO and Par Excellence. Pheasant’s touch adds ageless beauty and unmatched sophistication to areas in opulent mansions and high-end businesses.

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“The value of any piece of art is found within the ability of an artist to reveal both where he has been, and where he is going. It is my hope that through my Studio Collection, I will create a platform to express myself as both a designer and an artist.” – Thomas Pheasant

Thomas Pheasant, whose design philosophy is renowned for combining ageless elegance and calm, has beautifully captured it in his book “Simply Serene: The New Luxury for Modern Interiors,” published by Rizzoli. Pheasant delves into the essence of modern luxury with a fascinating combination of incisive text and captivating photography, making it an essential read for anybody looking for inspiration in design.

Manhattan’s Exquisite French Design Gallery

Enter the Par Excellence showroom and discover a world where American design and French artistry collide. This NoHo neighborhood space in Lower Manhattan, designed by Thomas Pheasant, is a fine example of French craftsmanship. Every element, from the sculpted plaster to the tufted walls, exudes refinement and beauty.

Image Courtesy of JOE KRAMM

Spectacular interior design Scenes and Amazing Architecture

Large arched windows surround sweeping views of famous New York landmarks from the showroom’s living room. Visitors are captivated by architectural and interior design features like the spectacular cupola and bronze chimney, which are produced by artisans like Auberlet et Laurent and Ozone and create a homey atmosphere.

Image Courtesy of JOE KRAMM

Honoring Tradition and Beauty in interior design

In addition to being a store, the showroom is a celebration of French culture, complete with dining areas and sample libraries full of exquisite finishes. For those looking for the best in French creativity, Par Excellence is the place to go because of the designs by Pheasant and the craftsmanship of the artisans, who embrace the future while honoring tradition.

Image Courtesy of JOE KRAMM

A Designer Designing His Own Home

Renowned for his signature style, Thomas Pheasant crafted his Washington, D.C. home, remarking, “It’s the first time I’ve invested heavily in myself for a living space.” Unlike past projects, Pheasant’s own designs, like leather chairs for Baker and onyx table lamps, adorn the living area, complemented by artworks from Mark Dassoulas and Bruno Romeda, with bronze by Etienne Viard.

Image Courtesy of Durston Saylor

He combined a table of his own design with a French chandelier in the dining area. “I wanted my house to have a contemporary edge.” artwork created by Robin Rose. Eva Hild’s sculpture. Harris wall coverings by S. Chairs in Edelman leather and Larsen silk. dark carpet.

Image Courtesy of Durston Saylor

Pheasant’s own artwork nearly totally furnishes the master bedroom, which has walls covered with linen upholstery and a calm, white color scheme. “There are pieces I designed 15 years ago.” Side tables and chairs by Baker.

Image Courtesy of Durston Saylor

The bathroom is another unique masterpiece,. Floor tiles, tub, and fixtures from Waterworks.

Image Courtesy of Durston Saylor
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