5 Luxury Designer Belts for Men: Worth It or Not
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5 Luxury Designer Belts for Men: Worth It or Not

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Let’s dive into another episode of luxury with our selection of the 5 most lavish designer belts, each boasting exquisite materials and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship from top fashion brands.

After exploring the most luxurious designer belts for women, we wanted to continue the series by discovering the fashion world of men as well. This is why we’ve assembled a selection of the most opulent designer belts for individuals who have an appreciation for the finest things in life or who are inquisitive about how high fashion may redefine a traditional item.

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Roland Iten – $400,000

The most expensive belt buckle in the world was designed in 2011 by Roland Iten and Bugatti. Red gold accents adorned the white gold Roland Iten Calibre R822 Predator buckle. Furthermore, it was set with round and baguette-cut diamonds totaling 14.15 carats. It cost an incredible $400,000 and had a platform constructed of fine titanium. Only three products were made by the firm. Belts are not made by Roland Iten. On the other hand, this renders belt buckles the priciest items globally.

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Stefano Ricci Belts – $124,000

Some of the most expensive luxury belts in the world are made by Stefano Ricci. Our men’s belts are all handcrafted to guarantee excellence and close attention to detail. The company previously produced a belt buckle with an 18-karat gold and diamond encrustation that cost $124,000.

The $4,000 Handmade Crocodile Belt is currently its most expensive designer belt. The strap and buckle were crafted by the producer using real crocodile skin and galvanized palladium. The outcome is a gorgeous belt that looks well with any outfit or suit.

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Bruno Cucinelli – $7,500

With their most recent belt design, Brunello Cucinelli showcases their exceptional craftsmanship. This belt, which is composed of pull-up calfskin, has a deep color that changes and intensifies with time to produce a distinctive patina. Its natural aging process is enhanced by the use of specialty oils and waxes, giving it the ideal lived-in feel.

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Hermes Entriviere – $5,260

One of the most precious belt brands in the world is Hermes Entriviere. It comes with a wide range of belts made of pliable leather that are colored differently on the inside and outside for versatile styling possibilities. Every buckle in it is meticulously crafted by hand and polished by hand. Think about the leather strap and belt buckle of Constance.

Image Courtesy of Hermes

Berluti- B Volute Echo – $1,080

The belt buckle from the ‘Volute’ collection by Berluti is characterized by its swirling logo hardware. Made in Italy from beautiful dark brown full-grain Venezia leather, it is soft and full-grain. It adds the needed sense of elegance to any outfit, combining luxury and simplicity very smoothly, reflecting its uniqueness.

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