This Week In Pop History
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This Week In Pop History

August 9, 2020 Share

Take a trip down nostalgia lane with us…

In this digital age of speed and excess it feels like time passes at warp speed and popular culture is constantly shifting at an accelerating pace. Sometimes it is necessary to stop, reflect and take stock of the milestones that have transpired in recent years to appreciate their value and the enormity of their contribution to our lexicon and cultural landscape. 

As Marc Bolan of T Rex fame put it “time passes so slowly if you are unaware of it and so quickly if you are aware of it.” Indeed, when someone as bombastic and bon vivant as Mr. Bolan was provides one with such plain insight, we should listen.

In an effort to relive and document these landmark moments, here are 10 incredible anniversaries to celebrate this week:

All Hail The Internet

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

On the 6th of August 1991, the Godfather of modern civilisation, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, birthed the World Wide Web. The introduction of the WWW just 29 years ago has seismically changed our world, how we interact, learn, live and our understanding of the universe. It begs the question, how is this not a major international holiday?

TikTok Was A Song

Before there was TikTok the video social network app -there was Ke$ha and her earwig Tiki’s Tok song that stormed the international charts in 2010, becoming Billboard’s much lauded  ‘Song of the Year’ (although some pundits even credit Ke$sha with inspiring the app also). 

Three (Tequila) Cheers To Mr. Clooney

Three (Tequila) Cheers To Mr. Clooney

The suave charmer that is George Clooney and his friend nightlife kingpin Rande Gerbersold their side-project Casa Amigos Tequila for a record-breaking $1 billion to drinks powerhouse Diageo. Forbes reported on August 22, 2018, that the sale made Clooney the highest-paid actor of that year – and one of the highest earning in history.

Say ‘what’s up’ to Marissa, Seth, Ryan and Summer… 

Say ‘what’s up’ to Marissa, Seth, Ryan and Summer…

On August 5th 2003 the world was introduced to the angsty millennial world of the OC. Four seasons and four years later the show would leave an indelible mark on a whole generation. Perhaps it’s time for a reboot?

Half Atlanta – Half Havana

The song Havana explodes onto the charts  on August 3rd, 2017, making singer Camila Cabello an international sensation. In those short 3 years since, she has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music and become a household name. 

Crazy, Rich, Asians Debuts

Crazy, Rich, Asians Debuts

The first Hollywood box-office hit to feature an all-Asian cast, Crazy Rich Asians hit the silver screen on August 7th 2018 – somewhat foreshadowing the essential cultural conversations around race and equality that have taken the world by storm since.

No Winnie Here

memes of Chinese President Xi Jinping

In a move that could only happen during the internet  age; memes of Chinese President Xi Jinping as beloved children’s character, Winnie the Pooh offended the President so much that he banned the release of movie “Christopher Robin” which features the honey-loving bear. 


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