This Is What Happens When The Sea Meets A $20 Million Spa 
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This Is What Happens When The Sea Meets A $20 Million Spa 

July 28, 2022 Share

Yep, pure paradise – but with a twist. The Beach Club at Gurney’s in Montauk unveiled a history-breaking luxurious resort called Seawater Spa.

If your pores feel clogged or your muscles need a tight continuous squeeze by a professional masseuse, then stepping into Gurney’s Seawater Spa could be an option? With the only ocean-fed pool in the U.S, this slice of paradise will get anyone scrubbed, rubbed and dipped by nature’s purest.

Situated on Montauk’s stretch of oceanfront real estate, Gurney’s is a Hamptons icon and the only year-round resort. This spot on the map is known for its iconic mansion neighbourhoods, endless beaches, and vacationing celebrities.

But most of all serves as an escape for affluent New York City residents to wine, dine, and sunbathe about 100 miles away. Especially when it comes to Montauk, it is a place that the laid-back locals refer to as “the end”— relaxing until the end? I like the sound of that. 

Recently a new addition to the coastline has become the talk of the town. The Seawater Spa is an indoor arena for anyone looking to bring the sea’s luxuries indoors. After a $20 million renovation, the spa that lies amongst the sea shells has claimed a 2,000-foot private sand beach in the Hamptons if you do fancy sinking your toes into the golden sands. 

When choosing a place for the night, Gurney’s resort features 146 rooms, suites, and beachfront cottages that deliver dramatic ocean views. The company aimed to be a stand-out getaway, so they added unique amenities and ground-breaking technologies. 

For example, if the temperatures outside aren’t your liking, you can always pick one of the many temperature-controlled baths in the spa rooms. Or, as you roam around the place in a fluffy white robe and Versace amplified slippers, try one of its 19 renowned healing treatment rooms overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

More features include Roman baths, Finnish rock saunas, a fitness centre, and a world-famous indoor/outdoor sand-filtered pool. This is fed directly from the ocean to offer customised thalasso therapies – “harnessing the healing and therapeutic properties of the sea.”

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