Check Out Laucala Island Resort: A 7-Star Paradise In Fiji Fit For A King 
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Check Out Laucala Island Resort: A 7-Star Paradise In Fiji Fit For A King 

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Set in the Cakaudrove province of Fiji, Laucala Island is one to look for. It is one of a triplet of small islands that lie to the east of Thurston Point. These privately-owned paradise hills are where you will find the resort of your dreams.

What if paradise is about experiencing beautiful moments? Well, ones that “last for eternity” is an expression from an old Fijian folksong, which has become one of the core mottos of Laucala Island. 

Laucala Island is a perfect island escape for those who seek the total luxury of privacy and space, relaxing ambience, enjoying culinary delicacies, yet being sportive and active.

Laucala Island
Drone view from above of the COMO Laucala Island Resort. TripAdvisor.

This is why they say anything is possible on Laucala Island. From playing a round of golf, cycling, game fishing, diving, sailing the turquoise waters, or being pampered in the spa, it truly is a seven-star wonder.

With 3,500 exclusive acres to explore in the archipelago of Fiji, a private island resort, Laucala Island is where your fill find a beach haven fit for a King. According to The Finer Things In Travel, “you are guaranteed to find genuine gold when you are set amidst coconut plantations, sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, rich green mountains, and breathtaking natural beauty.”

Laucala Island
One of the bedrooms at the COMO Laucala Island Resort. TripAdvisor.
Laucala Island
A view of the bathroom at the COMO Laucala Island Resort. TripAdvisor.

Only 25 villas are widely spread on the island’s northern tip and “base everything on self-sustainability in growing all fruits and vegetables on their farms” – providing the best quality of produce possible for the restaurants. 

Laucala Island
Sunset view during the evening at the COMO Resort. TripAdvisor.

They offer their guests ‘cuisine à la Laucala’ in four different restaurants, from the Seagrass Lounge’s treetops or barbeques at the beach. Not only does the wide variety of culinary rarities fulfil your every wish, but so do the specially selected wines. 

Overall view of the COMO Resort. TripAdvisor.

All the villas captivate visitors with their clear commitment to the natural environment and Fijian traditions. The raw materials and luxurious comfort create wonderfully inspiring surroundings for sophisticated travellers. 

For an Island buyout, individuals, couples, or families can expect to pay $187,200 daily. hilltop residences are $57,937.50 where one-bedroom residence $6,180 per night.

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