The NoMad Hotel Comes To London
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The NoMad Hotel Comes To London

May 28, 2021 Share

From NY, to LA, to LDN. 

Famed for its luxurious decor, Michelin-star food, art deco bar and glorious rooftop views, the NoMad is one of New York’s most popular hotels. 

Since its opening, the NoMad has consistently delivered premium experiences to hundreds of thousands of guests annually, so it’s no surprise that NoMad operators Sydell Group have decided to expand the brand further in recent years. 

The first expansion of the NoMad brand came with a new opening in Los Angeles and was promptly followed by a second expansion in Las Vegas. Now, the brand is heading across the pond, as the NoMad family welcomes a glamorous new opening in London

Located in Bow Street, Covent Garden, London’s NoMad is situated within a Grade II listed building, formerly known as the Bow Street Magistrates Court And Police Station – perhaps one of the area’s most recognisable mainstays. Due to its status, the building’s exterior remains as grand and imposing as ever – inside, however, the space has been transformed. 

The interior of the NoMad’s original New York opening was famously the creation of celebrated designer Jacques Garcia who, having recently designed London’s L’Oscar, is not involved with the new location. Instead, the planning and designing of the hotel’s interior was a collaborative effort between NoMad’s operators and New York-based design studio Roman and Williams.

Still, NoMad London’s interior is every bit as unique and as grand as that of its predecessors. With spaces full of greenery, beautifully thought-out ambient lighting and characteristic art deco motifs, the NoMad London is just as grand as you’d expect. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a NoMad hotel without a fantastic restaurant on the premises – after all, the Michelin-star restaurant at the NoMad New York is the work of celebrated chefs Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, the team behind Eleven Madison Park

London’s location looks to be just as impressive, with not one, but two eateries on site – and both are under the watchful eye of Ashley Abodeeley, the former Executive Chef at LA’s Firehouse. 

The NoMad Restaurant is expected to focus on creating the very best from seasonal, local produce, with a menu that looks to be full of future signature dishes – suckling pig confit with wild greens and smoked bacon jam sounds particularly delicious. The second and slightly less formal eatery at the location is Side Hustle, the NoMad’s impressive answer to the Great British gastropub. 

The hotel opened officially on May 25th and is already expected to prove extremely popular amongst visitors to this bustling area of the capital. 

If you’ve never experienced the NoMad brand, this is your chance – we’ll be right behind you. 

Visitors can book a stay or a dinner reservation for the NoMad London on the hotel’s site.

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