The London Café Work Guide You Won’t Find Anywhere Else
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The London Café Work Guide You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

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Discover London’s best cafés for remote work with insider tips on ambiance, coffee, and connectivity.

Hey, you! Yes, you, hunched over your laptop in that dimly lit room you call an office. It’s time to break free from the shackles of monotony of your work-from-home setup and discover the caffeinated underbelly of London. Welcome to the ultimate perk that COVID left behind: Café work culture. A place where the coffee is strong, the wifi is fast, and the vibes are just right.

If you’re in London and your home office (read: that tiny corner of your room) is driving you bonkers, read along.


First up in our treasure chest of café work hotspots, we’ve got Origin in Shoreditch and Southwark. It’s perfect for you team players out there who need a big table to spread out and brainstorm. With their next-level coffee and cake selection, you might just forget you’re working.

Image courtesy of Origin


For those in Kensington, Hjem is your little secret work spot. This Danish-inspired coffee shop and bakery not only has great grub but also a cozy work atmosphere. And hey, if the weather’s nice, why not make your office their sweet outdoor space for the day?

Image courtesy of Hem


Now, if you like your coffee with a side of buzz, Grind is the place. With eight venues across London, you can tap away on your computer in a lively atmosphere for a couple of hours, fuelled by good coffee and excellent brunch options.

Image courtesy of Grind

Hackney Coffee Company

Feeling a bit more hipster? Head over to the Hackney Coffee Company. This place oozes cool with its exposed yellow stock bricks and industrial vibes. Perfect for both catch-ups and serious work sessions.

Image courtesy of Hackney Coffee Company


For a slice of Sweden in London, there’s Söderberg. It’s all about that Scandinavian minimalism and cozy vibes, plus their coffee is roasted in Sweden. Talk about authentic!

Image courtesy of Söderberg


Creative souls, meet your haven: Shaman. Their locations across London are beautifully designed and perfect for productive days, complete with great coffee and seasonal small plates.

Image courtesy of Shaman

Ember Locke

For a truly unique experience, there’s Eve Café at The Ember Locke. Imagine Zoom calls with a view of Ember Locke’s walled garden and cardamom pancakes on your plate. Talk about working in style.

Image courtesy of Ember Locke

Pophams Bakery

If you’re into pastries (who isn’t?), Pophams Bakery is your spot. It’s an institution for flaky pastry lovers and also great for meetings or just getting some work done.

Image courtesy of Pophams Bakery


Over at Ozone, they’ve got everything: great coffee, comfy booth tables with plug sockets, and a buzzy atmosphere. Start your day early here with their Turkish eggs or sourdough crumpets.

Image courtesy of Ozone

Guillam Coffee House

Looking for a comforting vibe? Guilliam Coffee House offers a range of single-origin coffees and delicious pastries in a welcoming environment, perfect for fueling creativity.

Image courtesy of Guillam Coffee House

Redemption Roasters

Let’s not forget Redemption Roasters in Covent Garden for its noteworthy mention in café work culture. Their combo of foliage, fast wifi, and a ‘pour-over bar’ is just what you need for a change of scenery. Not to mention, the coffee roasting company provides “professional coffee industry training, both inside and outside of prison with direct pathways to long-term employment.” Pretty cool.

Image courtesy of Redemption Roasters


For a light-filled café work spot, there’s FWD:Coffee in Clerkenwell. They’ve got a brilliant range of drinks and are open till 5pm – a rarity in London!

Image courtesy of FWD Coffee

Prufrock on Leather Lane

Prufrock on Leather Lane is a classic for good reason. Relax in their airy and inviting environment, and let the coffee and great service fuel your productivity.

Image courtesy of Prufrock


If you hate being kicked out of coffee shops at closing time, Frequency in Angel’s Camden Passage is your savior, open 8am-6pm with lots of seating options and even cocktails in the evening.

Image courtesy of Frequency


Trampoline in Angel’s Camden Passage is not just a café; it’s a social enterprise helping refugees find work. Plus, their pastries are to die for.

Image courtesy of Trampoline


And if you’re fantasizing about your dream home while working, Gladwell’s in Camberwell is the place for you. Think massive wood tables, flowers, and comfort food.

Image courtesy of Gladwell’s
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