The Hottest Wearable Tech Trends You Need to Know
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The Hottest Wearable Tech Trends You Need to Know

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Imagine carrying a smartwatch that blends cutting-edge tech with elegant design, or wearing a ring that monitors your health while also making a statement in terms of fashion.

The worlds of fashion and technology are blending together to form a new and exciting frontier; luxury wearable tech! Welcome to the era where fashionable and intelligent accessories go hand in hand. Explore the newest styles that combine innovation with fashion, and learn how wearable technology is changing how we live and look.

Oura x Gucci

Renowned for its health-monitoring rings, Oura has collaborated with luxury label Gucci to develop a wearable tech that combines high design and technology. The goal of this partnership is to increase the appeal of wellness monitoring to a wider range of people. “Oura has always believed wearables can be both innovative and stylish,” said Michael Chapp, COO of Oura. We’re improving our design with Gucci’s help in order to draw in more users.” Health technology can be both practical and stylish, as demonstrated by the Oura x Gucci ring, which tracks sleep and exercise in addition to making a fashion statement.

Image Courtesy of Gucci

TAG Heuer Smart Watch

With the release of its new smartwatch models, TAG Heuer—a name associated with premium timepieces—has created a big stir in the wearable tech space. Sophisticated style and cutting-edge technology come together in the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Bright Black Edition and Golden Bright Edition watches. These smartwatches are both stylish and functional, with a 42mm rose gold-colored steel case, heart rate sensors, and a full day of battery life. They are fashionable and versatile, with a 50-meter water resistance and reversible straps. This fusion of elegance and technology exemplifies TAG Heuer’s dedication to creativity.

Image Courtesy of Digital Trends

Louis Vuitton Tambour Light Up

The Tambour Light Up smartwatch from Louis Vuitton is the pinnacle of style and sophistication. It is elegant, with a sandblasted stainless steel case and a curved sapphire glass display. Its elegant design is given a whimsical touch by the LED light animation that illuminates the LV monogram ring. The Tambour Light Up easily combines with your digital life because of its WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC compatibility. It’s a useful addition for the contemporary sophisticated, with customizable home-screen options and simple access to boarding tickets. This smartwatch skillfully blends cutting-edge technology with high couture.

Image Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

The Unseen for Selfridges

Material alchemist Lauren Bowker developed the London-based business The Unseen, which has revolutionized wearable technology with its color-changing accessories. Reacting to air pressure, body temperature, touch, wind, and sunshine, The Unseen line, which debuted at Selfridges in late 2015, comprises products including phone covers, backpacks, and scarves. One particularly striking item is a shoulder bag made of Italian alligator leather, which changes color from black in the winter to red in the spring, blue in the summer, and green to red in the fall. Technology may be used to create dynamic and interactive apparel and accessories, as this creative approach to fashion shows.

Image Courtesy of Forbes
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