The Rise of TikTok Entrepreneurs: Making Millions One Video at a Time
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The Rise of TikTok Entrepreneurs: Making Millions One Video at a Time

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How many hours do you spend on TikTok? And how many times have you wondered how some random users managed to become TikTok entrepreneurs, making millions out of the platform?

TikTok has evolved beyond being a place where teenagers go to lip-synch and dance. This quickly developing platform has developed into a lively online community with a challenging culture to keep up with. With its magical algorithm, it has the ability to instantly turn you into a celebrity. What’s really fascinating, though, is how it’s becoming into a goldmine for entrepreneurs and small companies. Let’s explore some of the motivational stories of people who have used TikTok to grow their businesses.

Jen Ruiz —  @jenonajetplane

Let me introduce you to Jen Ruiz. She started using TikTok in March 2020 when lockdowns occurred. What was initially a lighthearted experiment swiftly changed the course of her company. After her travel-related sources of income dried up, Jen turned to content for remote work. She had no idea that in less than a year, this would propel her to new heights—over 10 million video views and two million likes!

Jen offers opportunities, advice, and insights to anyone interested in pursuing a remote work lifestyle. Her writing is consistently educational, motivational, and enjoyable. Businesses of all sizes can now “reach millions of potential customers based on the quality of their content, not the size of their following,” thanks to TikTok’s algorithm, she says.

Davie Fogarty — @davidfogarty

Next up is Davie Fogarty, the creative force of The Oodie, a cozy hit. Before his wearable blanket became popular, 28-year-old Davie had six business failures. He is now a multimillionaire and utilizes TikTok to mentor, support, and invest in aspiring business owners. He answers queries, offers guidance on raising money, and handles foreign exchange while showing his cozy products on his channel.

Caroline — @capitalcaroline

Caroline is a business advisor and investor who has a gold-filled TikTok account for entrepreneurs and startups. She provides priceless advice on navigating the startup industry and designing amazing pitch decks. Anyone trying to launch their business will find her content to be a gold mine. Additionally, you may pitch your startup concept to her directly by connecting with her via a link on her TikTok page.

Evan Van Auken — @vanader

Then there is Evan Van Auken, a paramedic and firefighter who discovered TikTok at the beginning of the quarantine. His first video, a wildfire clip, received over 100,000 views, which made him realize the potential of the medium. He turned his attention to his true love, which is entrepreneurship. These days, Evan covers investing, business development, and personal development in his TikToks.

The reaction has been extraordinary. Evan remarks, “I didn’t realize this many people were interested in business, finance, and cryptocurrency.” Who is his audience? Young investors, company owners, entrepreneurs, and cryptocurrency aficionados. Evan’s curriculum is an excellent place to start if you want to increase your financial literacy or dabble in the business sector.

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