The Different Types Of Bags To Serve You in 2022
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The Different Types Of Bags To Serve You in 2022

January 25, 2022 Share

Ideal for impatient types, bags are the easiest way to kick-start your new-season capsule. And, given that bags were at the bottom of our shopping priorities at the start of 2021 owing to the pandemic and our inability to leave the house, now is the time to make up for lost time.

There are, of course, some timeless classics, such as Chanel’s iconic 11.12 Bag, Christian Dior’s Lady Dior Bag, and the ever-popular Birkin. However, luckily for those impatient types previously mentioned, we’ve listed below the types of bags (along with our favourite recommendations) that will serve you in 2022.

Woven Bags

Chloé Wooden C Woven Leather Shoulder Bag, £5,200 ($7,200)

Chloé Wooden C Woven Leather Shoulder Bag

Switching up your textures is one of the quickest ways to take your looks from one season to the next, and the woven bag is the ultimate summer buy. Woven bags make a comeback every spring/summer, and 2022 is no exception. With Chloé often paving the way in this department, we’re sure you aren’t surprised to see their woven shoulder bag on our list. 

Bright Bags

Bottega Veneta The Pouch Textured Clutch Bag, £1,324 ($2,035)

Bottega Veneta The Pouch Textured Clutch Bag

The vivid and vibrant colours of SS22 have certainly piqued our interest, with green bag sales reportedly increasing by 151 per cent. Part of the reason for the trend’s rise is Bottega Veneta’s lime-green bag, but p eriwinkle and pink are two other bright colours that will be everywhere this year.

Vegan Bags

Santos Pilar Hobo Bag, £256.73 ($350)

Santos Pilar Hobo Bag

2022 will prioritise sustainability. We predict  a surge in demand for leather-alternative handbags with a reduced environmental impact. Sustainability is more than a trend, as seen by Stella McCartney’s mushroom leather bags, and brands like Santos, which creates bags from cactus leather.

Top Handle Bags

Grace Han Love Letter Small Top Handle Bag, £2,050

Grace Han Love Letter Small Top Handle Bag

Amina Iris Catalina Zaza Bag, £297.89 ($400)

Amina Iris Catalina Zaza Bag

If Kate Middleton wears it, you know it’s a fashion staple. Top-handles are functional and elegant. The Duchess herself has actually been spotted with the Grace Han bag specifically. 

Bucket Bags

Folklore XL Kyklos Black Leather Bag, £351.68 ($479.46)

Folklore XL Kyklos Black Leather Bag

The bucket bag was perhaps the most prominent shape on the spring/summer runway. Designers like Michael Kors went for a more structured look rather than a slouchy one. This bag’s formal appearance but also its capacious capacity makes it ideal for transitioning from day to night. Folklore, established in 2014 by Central St Martins Graduate Haya Al Abdulkareem, focuses on bringing geometric shapes and modern aesthetics into functional accessories. They’ve certainly achieved that with their bucket bag. 

The Double-Strap

Noirgaze Sunrise Bag, £510 ($695.34)

Noirgaze Sunrise Bag

Double handle bags are no longer reserved for luggage bags and holdalls, but they are reserved for 2022. A bag that boasts both a strap and a handle means you can literally change your look within seconds. Noirgaze promises their Sunrise bag will accompany you with style, wherever you are. 


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