The DDW Insta Round Up: Five Accounts You Need To Follow
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The DDW Insta Round Up: Five Accounts You Need To Follow

November 1, 2021 Share

There’s no shame in admitting that your screen time skyrockets over the winter – but there is a little shame in knowing you’re scrolling past the same Instagram accounts every day no matter how stale your feed has gotten. 

As we head into ‘No, thanks, I’m staying in tonight’ season, why not refresh your timeline with a few new follows? Especially if you aren’t following these accounts already. 

Here are just a few of DDW’s favourite Instagram accounts – a must-follow for everyone in our DDW family. 

supersnake // @supersnake

There are few accounts on Instagram that make us laugh as often as this one. 

In high society, nobody is safe from being memed by @supersnake – and we’re pretty happy with that. Gym bros, gold diggers, crypto investors, Insta models, clout chasers, sugardaddies and London brats are just a few society subcultures that have found themselves on the receiving end of @supersnake’s content – and he nails it every time. 

Is it a compliment to have this account dog on you? Probably not. Does it feel like one? Yeah.

Overheard In LA // @overheardla

You ever accidentally eavesdrop on a conversation in public that makes your ears want to literally leave your head? Overheard In LA feels your pain. 

Another subsection of the Overheard Instagram franchise, this account shares some of the most ridiculous conversations that they and their followers have witnessed on the streets of Los Angeles. Content warning: pretension, arrogance and total brainless stupidity ahead. 

Be sure to check out the rest of the Overheard franchise, including Overheard In London – but we have to say, this one’s our favourite. 

The Gstaad Guy // @gstaadguy

If skit comedy is your thing, then The Gstaad Guy will be your thing. 

Hit follow for a look into the lives of characters Constance and Colton, two of the most irritating big city, big money f*ckboys on the internet. A near-perfect parody of the type of guys that everybody in high society has been stuck talking to at an afterparty at some point or another, this account is pretty much consistently one of the best on the platform. Constance and Colton are the new influencers that everybody loves to hate.

Heads up, though, The Gstaad Guy plays it well – a little too well.

Deuxmoi // @deuxmoi

Previously described as ‘the future of celebrity gossip culture’, Deuxmoi posts the latest pop culture news before pretty much anybody else: one of their followers even leaked a press release from the British royal family in the DMs long before it hit the news for real. 

They also post celebrity sightings, original meme content and, most famously, some fairly scandalous anonymous blind items – perfect for a game of ‘Guess which famous person just got caught doing this super weird thing’, especially when their name ends up leaking in the media days later. 

It’s worth taking everything from Deuxmoi with a grain of salt – by their own admission, the statements made on the account haven’t been independently confirmed and they don’t claim that any of the information they post is definitely based in fact. However, we have to say, they seem to have a pretty good track record…

DDW // @ddw

You’re not following already?

We’ve been giving our Instagram a fresh new look recently and we’re super excited about everything we have coming up. Make sure you’re following the DDW Insta to get the latest news, events and viral content on your feed every day, including exclusive content that we don’t post here on DDW Magazine. 

Welcome to the family – we’d love for you to join us.

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