The Best Parties & Outfits Of Halloween’s Past…
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The Best Parties & Outfits Of Halloween’s Past…

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It’s almost time for Halloween – that wonderful time of year when the bright young things trade couture gowns and tailored suits for bloody robes and ghoulish outfits. Famous faces disguised by costume makeup and wigs walk the streets, freely sauntering through crowds in Mayfair or Madison Avenue without a care in the world – edging their way to glittering parties by luminaries like Heidi Klum, Carlos Mota, Natalia Vodianova and Ellen Von Unwerth.

In London, Unicef’s historic annual bash is fast approaching, sound systems are being prepped in the basement of a mansion in the Bolton’s and Annabel’s Club is donning its full million-pound thematic regalia. In NYC, the whole town is brimming with anticipation as crowds flood popup Halloween costume shops and hosts compete fiercely to confirm the best guests. Yet perhaps more exciting than the actual event is the build up, fuelled by pumpkin spice lates and candy-fuelled sugar bingeing – it is the wait for what may be and what one may see that makes it special.

Halloween is arguably the most unpredictable night of the year – filled with debauchery and hijinks in equal measure, with some outrageous outfits to go along with it. What will be this year’s most popular “inappropriate costume”? There’s always one … will it be ‘sexy hand sanitiser’ or an ‘erotic mail-in ballot’ or for the Brits, perhaps a ‘Hard Brexit’ or a ‘headless Boris’? Only time will tell. And which star will take the cake for most outlandish costume? Heidi usually wins – but will maybe it will be Alexa Chung or Michael Kors this year?

Whatever All Hallow’s Eve holds in store – we will be ready and eagerly watching. In the mean time… we take a look at some of the best looks and parties of past years:

Heidi Klum

No one can hold a candle to Heidi’s dedication to Halloween, both in costume and party. For the last decade she has been wowing fellow revellers (everyone from Harry Styles to P. Diddy attend her party) and media around the world alike with her over-the-top costume and themed party creations, many of them passing on to Halloween lore. From Cleopatra to Shrek, Here are some of our all time favourites:

Unicef’s Halloween Ball

The 31st of October seems like a good date to raise funds for important causes – after all, what better time to get everyone together for a fun night out and support a future-defining charity? In London, Unicef’s bash has become the go-to society event of the evening with famous faces gracing an elaborately dressed event with live music, ample drinks and press in attendance.

Anyhoe Park

The much celebrated Oxfordshire home of rave-king James Perkins is a veritable hive for decadence. Designed to be an eclectic collage of found object d’art and grand living spaces it lends itself beautifully for a night to remember on any night, let alone Halloween. James and his glamorous wife Sophie have made this once quiet Grade I listed John Sloane country house into party palace … and many of the great and good have enjoyed it to its maximum capacity.

A few years back we saw the Earl of Euston boogying down with Alice Rothschild, Jude Law and Poppy Delevigne on Halloween in aid of the breast cancer charity Too Many Women. A successful night to -try and- remember…

Annabel’s Club

There was a time when Loulou’s at 5 Hertford street threw the most lavish Halloween party in London. Organised by the kings of high-end events Garrett Moore (son of the Earl of Drogheda) and theatre designer Francesco Pastori – the 31st of October at 5H was like nothing Mayfair had seen before (and it’s seen a lot), transforming the Club into fully immersive sets, complete with actors and backstories, and an unrelenting amount of alcohol – these were the hottest ticket in town.

Then came Annabel’s and Richard Caring’s bottom-less cheque book and poor Loulou’s was set aside in the hearts and minds of Halloweeners. With a multi-million pound take over of the Club, Annabel’s spare no expense in making its mark… and the crowd followed. Everyone from Alexander Spencer-Churchill and Kate Moss to the Marquess of Blandford became an annual regular. Last year’s Game of Thrones party was one for the ages…

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