The Basic Tools You Need to Start Your DJ Journey
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The Basic Tools You Need to Start Your DJ Journey

January 29, 2023 Share

Demystifying the art of music mixing and its softwares to get your DJ journey up and running this 2023.

In an age where the foundations of the bridge to becoming a successful music artist have never been stronger, it is important to know the best hardware and software to invest in (or not). While there are many options available and none would be a terrible choice, per se, there are certainly advantages to some options that make them much more favorable than others.

Below, we have outlined some of the best musical tools available (both free and paid), as well as some other essentials you might find yourself in need of on your DJ journey.

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Our DJ Software Top Pick

In this digital age, there are countless software programmes available to upcoming DJs – today, though, we have narrowed the list down to one as our top recommendation: Serato DJ. With both free and paid versions available, this software is one of the best around for both beginner and professional DJs. This software empowers the user with its endless tools and features, so familiarising yourself with Serato DJ Lite to begin with can be invaluable to your DJ journey. Serato DJ Lite is a stripped-down version that simplifies the process – a version perfect for beginners, while the Pro version is richer in features and much more suitable for established, professional DJs.

Okay, what else?

Now you’ve picked your software, you need the hardware to run it on. Software like this can require a lot of storage and processing power, so you’ll need a half-decent computer capable of running the programme.  The Apple Macbook Pro is often identified as one of the best pieces of equipment for DJing due to its fast speeds – working with a dual-screen setup is often advantageous for DJs, so consider if you might need a monitor also. However, if your aspirations don’t extend beyond DJing in your bedroom, splashing all your cash on an expensive laptop might not be necessary. Buying a set of turntables that can be linked to your computer is another vital step in your mastery of all things DJing, so picking up a decent set is worth the research and investment.

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Is there anything else I should know?

As with the price and quality of your computer, the extent to which you need better DJ software and other associated equipment depends on your intentions. If you plan to play in clubs regularly in the long run, then an investment into the paid versions of the software, a fast laptop, and the other equipment needed i.e. a good set of Sennheiser headphones, an advanced DJ controller and some good speakers to really blast your set into the night might just be worth your money. If you plan on practicing in your bedroom by yourself, there’s probably no such need. 

The world of DJing is becoming ever-more populated, so perfecting your practice really is essential. Utilizing the many features that Serato DJ has built in to aid the development of beginners’ skills could be essential to your growth as a music mixer. Combine this with a powerful laptop, some high-tech equipment, and a determination to be the best, and nothing can get in your way of becoming a top-class DJ.

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