The Artwork Hidden Inside Maren Morris’ Humble Quest Album 
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The Artwork Hidden Inside Maren Morris’ Humble Quest Album 

April 5, 2022 Share

To celebrate the release of Maren Morris’ powerful third album, the singer collaborated with artist Danielle Noel for an immersive experience.

Maren Morris has been a well-known name in Nashville for a while, penning hits for artists like Kelly Clarkson and Tim McGraw, but she rose to stardom with her 2016 country album Hero, a critically-lauded blend of country, pop, and hip-hop.

In addition to her music, Maren Morris is known for her outspoken political views, working to break the stereotype of the right-wing country singer. In a Playboy interview, she said she didn’t want to be “one of those head-in-the-sand-artists who’s only worried about keeping the money in my pocket.”

Maren Morris had been waiting to announce herself to the country music world, and she had finally done it. From writing the hits to performing them herself, Morris has taken the country -scene by storm. She has racked up countless nominations and wins over her time.

Maren Morris

Her love for anything creative is evident when in 2017, she created the HEROES Fund to support fine arts programs and music education in public schools. However, her latest venture, Humble Quest, the highly-anticipated new album from Grammy-winning superstar Maren Morris, was released in late March 2022. This time, the mogul country singer has taken a different turn, bringing tarot reading onto a whole new level of extraordinary.

“I have always loved collecting tarot card decks over the years, and my band and I on the road after shows in the back of my bus would always bond through tarot reading,” she said in a recent interview. “Even if someone doesn’t believe in it or thinks it’s hokey, what ends up happening is that it always opens up a fascinating conversation.”

Maren Morris
Photographer: JAMIE NELSON
Maren Morris
VIP Nation

To bring a bit of that conversational spirit alive, Morris teamed up with Spotify and artist Danielle Noel to make a set of 11 tarot cards, one for each song on the album. But instead of traditional characters, each card has an instruction intended to send the listener on their quest for humility. The instructions are pretty simple: Take the scenic route home, read some good news, close your eyes and breathe.

Noel’s work for the Humble Quest cards and the Spotify site that goes along with it “captures the pastel tones and mix of modern and traditional influences that have always marked the singer’s work.” On her website, the artist, writer, dreamer and mystic claims that she has an ever-evolving passion for self-reflection and how we can harness our intuitive gifts to support our self-care. 

“Through my creations, I hope to reclaim a pearl of wisdom that connects us to the sacred beauty of this universe. Through my art, I wish to both celebrate and seek new ways of safeguarding the Earth and Oceans.” – Danielle Noel.

Along with her background in painting, film, and superior design, Noel merged her passion into one specialised field of visual design.

Maren Morris
Photography by Danielle Noel

Often seen through a surrealist lens, most of Danielle’s creations are thematically based on ancient lore and mysticism, woven through the magic of a Divine Feminine voice. Her intuitive work began at a young age. Her own sensitivities awakened her to study various spiritual philosophies and healing arts, with a devotion to art education and energy medicine.

From tarot cards to journals, posters to prints, whether she is designing on her computer or painting portraits in oils. Her aim is to connect and ignite new experiences through her work. With this new venture towards music albums, who knows where it will take the creative next?

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