Into The Multi-Verse: The Evolution Of Spider-Man
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Into The Multi-Verse: The Evolution Of Spider-Man

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is more than just a sequel, it’s an immense leap of faith into the unknown.

With the premiere of the third instalment set to take place on December 15, fans can expect to see the larger-than-life Parker not only in a race against time to save the world but also in a meta multiverse where all odds are stacked against him.

The creators have teased fans countless times saying that this Spider-Man is going to be nothing less than “Endgame”, and well, to those die-hard comic fans that have followed Holland’s Spider-Man from day one, they’ll know exactly what the creators are teasing, but let’s not forget those that forged the way for Holland.

Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man (Credit: Sony/Columbia Pictures 2001)

It all started in 2001, Sony had hired Cult-Film Director Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead Trilogy) to create the first-ever Spider-Man feature film. Raimi took the iconic masked hero and turned his whole life story which was filled with adversity and struggles into something satirical and comical.

The films were chewing gum for the brain, they had no depth, no structure, just ridiculous hurdle after hurdle and each one of them was a massive box office success. Sony and Raimi collaborated for the next two films, but their creative partnership ended weeks after the release of Spider-Man 3 in 2007 due to creative differences. Spider-Man was no more.

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man, 2012 (Credit: Sony Pictures)

It wasn’t until 2012 that Spider-Man made a much-anticipated return to screens with Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man. Sony had decided to go down a different road this time and cast Andrew Garfield as the lead. Cinema was no longer in the early noughties, it was transitioning into its second decade where sex sold. People didn’t just want to see actors, they wanted to see actors with talent and sex appeal and well, Garfield fit the bill in more ways than one.

Rather than being a quiet mommies boy like Raimi’s Spidey, Garfield was an introvert, but the intriguing type: skating around the outskirts of New York, taking iconic photographs on his vintage camera and dressed to the nines in an ‘I don’t care’ sort of way. He was not only good, but he had a rebellious heart, he was a Peter Parker that didn’t play by the rules but rather chose to do his own thing. 

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man, 2012 (Credit: Sony Pictures)

The Amazing-Spider Man was a huge breath of fresh air replacing Raimi’s satirical interpretation with depth and character development. It did seem however that while Garfield was a new fan favourite. Marvel, unfortunately, had other ideas, with the massive success of their Avengers franchise. Marvel decided it was time to bring Spidey home by re-buying the rights to their hero signalling a third re-invention of the character. 

Enter Tom Holland. 

Holland’s Spider-Man was a massive box office success with the 2019 Far From Home becoming the first film in the franchise to cross the billion-dollar-profit mark. Everything seemed to be going well until August 2019 when Sony had announced they once again purchased the rights to Spider-Man.

Creative Kevin Feige announced his departure from the franchise leaving Holland and fans devastated both expecting yet another disastrous end to their much-loved hero.

Tom Holland and Zendeya in Spider-Man: No Way Home 2021 (Credit: Sony Pictures)

Although all is not lost, with writers teasing that this one is going to be special. No Way Home is set the become the biggest Spider-Man film yet with many believing that all three (past and present) heroes will appear alongside their old yet familiar villains.

Could this be the long-awaited conclusion that wraps up the rollercoaster of emotions we’ve all been on these last nineteen years? We certainly hope so. I don’t know about you but seeing Garfield as Spider-Man one more time fighting alongside Maguire and Holland is definitely something I don’t want to miss. With the premiere scheduled for next week, all will soon be revealed.

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